Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Training, Family Time & Celebrating with Dad !

This past weekend was my third in a row traveling... Not something I prefer to do but this trip was well worth the effort in making. While I haven't been able to visit my hometown since the Shamrock Marathon in March, this particular weekend was the perfect timing for a visit as we celebrated my dad's 65th birthday!

Friday afternoon I hit the pool after work then packed my bags. By the time I got on the road it was already 6pm, which put me in VB just past midnight. Nonetheless, I was up bright n' early to join Dad on his typical Saturday morning long run with his buddies. We started off together and I picked it up after a few miles, and by the end of the morning I logged a solid 15 miles while he did about 10. We may not run all our miles together anymore, but it still brings me much joy to be out there with dad and to know he's running healthy and strong. His love of running and general dedication to training have been such an inspiration to me over the years. I am QUITE the lucky gal to have the honor of calling him MY dad!

Sunday morning I had planned to get up early and do a long-ride preview of the Patriots Half course, which I'll be racing in early September. As much as I was hoping to fit in this ride, extra sleep and family time took priority and I opted to let it go. Instead I rode from home and decided to do a little exploring of new areas of Virginia Beach... And beyond! I rode about 10 miles easy towards the coast, then turned south for about 20 miles beyond the NC border until the road ended at the Currituck Ferry. It was long, straight, flat and windy... Perfect practice for Beach 2 Battleship!

Exploring new places with my bike!
Yea, probably should turn around at this point...
The ride only ended up being just over 50 miles as I cut it short and let dad came to my "rescue." Mainly because I was having breathing difficulties (again) and decided to not overdo myself, but it worked out well because I was also suppose to be the one to distract dad while my mom and grandma snuck out of the house with his birthday cake. Either way, I called dad to come get me and shortly later he was there to take me home... Always reliable and willing to go out of his way for his daughters :)

I had a quick 30 minute turnaround before heading out the door again. The two of us made our way down to a Norfolk Tides Game, where unbeknownst to him were 40+ close friends and family members waiting to for his surprise birthday party!! Yes, this party as a surprise and a successful surprise at that! It was a hoot. He was truly honored to have such a great turnout, and what a blessing to know my dad is surrounded by such wonderful friends. We all had a great time eating, chatting to catch up and watching the game.

My sister and I with dad!
Look at that youthful smile!
I am thankful for the productive weekend of training, but even more so, I am thankful for the much needed and overdue quality time with family. While the drive to visit home was long, family time is always well worth the extra effort. I am a blessed daughter and thankful to have such a great role model as a dad, thankful for the years of running we've shared together, countless training sessions and motivation and encouragement we've shared along the way. This morning we booked our hotel for the B2B Ironman in Wilmington, NC in October, and as much as I'm looking forward to the race itself, I know the day will be all the more special having my entire family by my side in support of this next big racing endeavor!

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  1. Your dad is such a cutie! I love your family. Know he must have had a wonderful birthday. What better gift than both his beautiful daughters on hand? Happy birthday John!

    Glad I got to see you for a minute Monday morning!


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