Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Mantra: Find Joy in the Little Things

On days when I'm feeling down or struggling to stay positive, I try to scale back my expectations and refocus on the things that truly matter. Sure, owning a home, having a job, chasing dreams and working hard are all part of life and "living." But most often, it's the simple things in life that can bring us the most joy. This morning I took the pup on an impromptu walk before work and allowed myself to just get swept up in the morning air, the scenery, the smell of summer and getting lost in my own thoughts. Because, why not? Life may be busy, but that does not mean one always has to be in a rush! It was nice to slow down, take my time waking up and reflect on the "little" things in life that make me smile...

A random gift in the mail from a friend... 

Meeting and holding a good friend's baby girl for the first time.

Treating myself on a Tuesday... just because :)

The general thought of knowing someone's got my back...

Hanging out in the grass, enjoying the flowers and a cool breeze.

Hearing about the successes of others.

Hand-picked berries for breakfast.

Chatting with my neighbors... I am not all that talkative but I love having neighbors!

Morning walks with my pup...

Peanut butter, chocolate... need I say more?

Playing with my food... tehehe

Spinning in circles in the middle of the street. 
Better yet, convincing the husband to do it with me!

Messy hair... Sunday mornings ... hanging out with my guy :D

And relishing in the fact that on my best days or worst days, in times of success and or times of struggle, and without having to do anything to earn it, I am never alone and my God loves me just the same.

What are some of the "little" things in life that bring you great joy?

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