Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Vibes, Training Update & 2014 Races

Now that I'm feeling better and energetic again, I'm SO thankful to be back to training consistently and pushing myself in workouts. HAPPY is the word these days, and I've been cheerfully bouncing cheerfully through {most of} my workouts like my normal self. Working hard yet having fun in the process! In the past week, I've enjoyed a 63 mile long ride (plus 2 mile brick!), 1.2 mile continuous swim, running through cornfields, threshold repeats on the bike... I am regaining confidence in this whole "triathlon" thing and feeling as if I am heading in the right direction...

A few pictures from the week...

Post-swim at a local aquatic center. How did I not notice this sign before?

Tuesday I enjoyed a daybreak run and detoured through these cornfields...

Post-long ride/brick workout last weekend. Chilling in the creek while enjoying my recovery smoothie!

And doing what I do best... cuddling with all the cute puppies that show up at our workplace :)

Though I am sad to have missed my two planned races in June (one because I was sick and the other due to a schedule conflict), I excited to officially be registered for the three remaining races on my calendar! Next weekend, I'll be driving out to the eastern shoreline of VA for the Colonial Beach International Triathlon. This was a last minute addition to my race schedule since I missed my triathlon in June. This week I also registered for the Patriot's Half Ironman, which I am even more excited to race!! I did the sprint last year "just for fun" and it's one of my favorite races. This year I'm really looking forward to stepping it up and testing how my fitness has progressed since I last raced the half-iron distance (spring of 2010). Really though, Patriot's will more so be preparation for my final "big" race of the season...

Yes, Kristen has lost her mind... but really, it will be fun :D

I'm fairly certain Ironman will be no easy task. In fact, I KNOW it won't, but that's part of the appeal I guess? I've supported my husband through this same race twice in the past and have watched several other friends endure vigorous training towards an Ironman. It sort of requires you to have your "stuff" together... So yea, now that the race is looming in the near future, I am prepping myself mentally and physically for what's to come and getting my 'ducks in a row' so to speak. I will talk about all that in a later post, but I will say I'm totally pumped to finally be at the point of ramping up my training! 

For now, I am signing offline. The hubby and I are sitting in the airport prepped to board our second flight in route to CALIFORNIA!!! I've never been to the west coast and am greatly looking forward to this (much needed and earned) mini vacation, for the wedding we'll be attending and to see family.

Watching the sunrise while getting OFF our first flight. Yea... early morning.

Adios B'burg... West Coast here we come!

Happy Fourth of July to All!


  1. I love the picture of you after your long ride sitting in the creek. It looks so refreshing!

    Hope you're having a great time on the west coast!

  2. If Ironman was easy I would call it "your mom". Yes you better be up to the challenge! Use the Patriots Half (great race btw - I did it a few years ago and LOVED it) to test your fitness and race plan. Use the same speed, pacing, and nutrition at B2B and see how you feel at that finish line.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Patriot! Yes, I agree that I had better be up for the challenge!


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