Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Mantra: Moving Forward...

Ready or not, life moves forward. Last week this time I was dragging and recovering from my pleurisy ("pluritis") and I'm happy to say I'm feeling much better. I never did end up taking time off work, but did take it easy throughout the week and more especially with training. After finishing a 5-day course of antibiotics my pain has resolved, my energy levels are bouncing back and I'm feeling a bit more like more normal self.

Wedding weekend in Charlottesville: Good food, Good fun! Oh, and Go Hokies!

This past weekend was spent in the lovely town of Charlottesville. Yes, this HOKIE called Charlottesville assured Blacksburg is still the BEST ;) Saturday morning as I drove through town I couldn't help but notice that there were literally TONS of people running... They were everywhere! To say the least, I was inspired and used it as motivation and drive to get through my planned 65 minute run later that morning. Longish run without the lingering fatigue and shortness of breath = very happy Kristen! And yesterday I worked in a late evening 55 minute brick workout where I actually felt spunky running off the bike...even better. I am oh SO glad to be moving forward (cautiously, but happily)! It's a good thing too, because I have some longer races coming up and I would really like to put in some quality training beforehand.

Moving forward... I've had some good training sessions and not so good training sessions (i.e. zeros in the book) in the past month. Overall, I feel "behind" in my training and have more than a few points of doubt as to whether my upcoming goals are attainable and realistic (Overwhelming fatigue will certainly do that to you). But the past is the past and, with my return to being healthy, I am looking forward with optimism, not backwards with regret :) Setbacks are setbacks, and these things I know to be true:

I've come a long ways already this year...

I will continue to be optimistic and work hard and trust in the plan, and...

The rest of the details will just have to take care of themselves!

Image credit goes to Brooke Griffin

One positive of my down time: It has given me to the opportunity to sit back and reflect on what needs improvement as I move forward. Honestly, while nutrition is my area of "expertise," with the stress of the past 6+ weeks of work it has not been a strong point more recently. Eating on the fly works some days, but is not really to optimal in ensuring I'm getting enough of the right foods. As I move forward towards longer training sessions, I know it will be a KEY factor in my fueling and recovery and overall energy levels. So the past two weekends I've spent collecting my sports nutrition knowledge, applying the evidence-based research and formulas to hash out my own personal nutrition plans. This is long overdue for me something I feel will be crucial in getting the most out of my training. Since I am a nutrition nerd, I have found building such plans to be quite fun! I thrive off structure so I am excited to infuse a bit more regime into to this aspect of my life again.

So yea, things maybe have not gone according to MY plan, but I am reminding myself of the importance of keeping faith through the ups and downs of training and that life will continue to move forward (ready or not!) according to God's plan :)

Here's to Monday... and moving forward... with optimism!

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  1. That Va Tech bow tie is awesome! Sweet. Glad you're feeling better, Ironman training waits for noone.


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