Friday, May 2, 2014

Little Victories: Why May Is My Favorite Month!

May is favorite month of the year!

Why? Well what's not to love about May?

Spring is in the air and warmer temps mean more time outside, which makes my heart happy.

Hanging out in the sunshine this past weekend... and yes, me hanging upside from a tree.

Soon the students will be done with their spring semester (you did it!) and then our town will become a little calmer and quieter.

May means many flowers are in full bloom. I recently visited the VT Horticulture Plant sale and picked up some flowers for our yard plus veggies for planting! We most likely won't have a yard garden this year, but will be continuing with our mini planter garden from last year.

The start of our vegetable garden (left), flowers from the hubby at my workplace (top)
and flowers for our yard (bottom)

It has been almost perfect weather for riding and running. The triathlon season kicks off or me with my first race tomorrow, the Smith Mtn Lake Sprint Triathlon. It should be a lovely day once I escape the frigid water and get on my bike!

From a recent easy ride in the valley
May is also my birthday month! My birthday falls closer to the middle of the month yet I like to celebrate all month long. Because why not?

Standing in front of Apple Orchard Falls... from the PL 50k this past weekend.

May also brings the anniversary of this blog, which is now two years old! Wow how time flies!!!

Anyways, let's move on to some little victories to wrap up April and set some goals for May:

Little Victories: April

  • Sleep has greatly improved this month, thank goodness!!!
  • I've had some great weight room workouts, many using the Bosu ball for stability which has been a very positive change to my routine. I hope to have a post on that soon!
  • I've found my groove with swimming again and am getting more comfortable with longer workouts (a very good thing with a 750 yrd open water swim in tomorrow's race!)
  • My Serotta has been putting in some good miles, including a 40ish mile ride a few weeks ago.
  • As for meal prep... it's coming along ;) I am finding that keeping the fridge well stocked with healthy grab n' go like foods is working best for now.

Goals for May

  • Keep the husband well fed (that can be a goal right?) I'm sure he would appreciate it with his training about to ramp up for the summer. 
  • Exploring new routes: I tend to ride/run the same routes consistently... I think some variety would be good for my routine!
  • Increasing my fruit and veggie intake... I've sort of been slacking at this!!! 5-10 servings a day is the goal for plentiful nutrients and antioxidants, etc to support training
  • Get my supplementation routine in order. I don't rely on supplements to support my lifestyle, but after attending a sports nutrition lecture at the VAND conference, I am looking at making some changes to optimize energy, recovery and overall wellness.
  • Stress less: April was a stressful month for me at work and I desperately need more of a laid back month ahead. I work with students pretty consistently but am planning on giving myself a short break from that before resuming mentorship over the summer.

What are some of your favorite things about the month of May?


  1. Mother"s Day birthday and anniversary all in one week. Getting ready for my first Olympic triathlon of the season in june. This weekend running long island half marathon.

  2. Good luck with the triathlon!

    May is the END of allergy season, so I can go for a run/ride without sneezing my head off!


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