Wednesday, May 14, 2014

27th Birthday: Cheers to Health & Happiness (and Good Food!)

Monday I celebrated my 27th Birthday!

I'm another year older and hopefully another year wiser?

My "goal" for my birthday was to have a low-key day and eat some good food. Really, I'm not too hard to please! Give me a good cup of coffee, a comfy couch and a cute doggie to cuddle with = happy Kristen!

I opted to take a half day from work and enjoyed a leisurely morning of milling around the house, listening to some country music and taking the dog for a short walk... I kicked off the day on an extra happy (and indulgent) note by skipping my normal green smoothie in lieu of waking up to a little something sweeter:

PB, banana and chocolate smoothie w/ an extra large dash of instant expresso :D
Me thinks more mornings need to start this way!

After work, the hubby, pup and I packed up our picnic basket (most awesomest wedding gift ever) with dinner and headed over to the Virginia Tech Horticulture Garden. We ordered sushi to go and enjoyed a peaceful picnic to the sound of crickets and flowing water. Okay, and kids running around on a scavenger hunt, lol. It was nice to eat and not rush, to watch the sun as it began to set and then stroll around campus to enjoy the evening air. Simple and PERFECT.

Yes it was a Hokie themed picnic. Duh! :D
Each year the hubby asks me what my "goals" are for the up and coming year. I have goals, dreams, ideas... I post them here pretty often. Those are things I do and are part of who I am, but I am learning they do not define me. I love my athletic goals, my career, this blog, all things running, etc. Yet above all, the pursuit of health and happiness continues to be my top priority in whatever shape or form that may come. I am blessed to have a family that cares for me and supports me, to be healthy, to be able to afford good food... to live in a town that I LOVE. Goals are good to have, birthday gifts are fun, but at the end of the day, all I need is everything I already have.

We have too much fun :)

Cheers to another birthday, another year of striving towards continued health and happiness, taking one day at a time and cherishing each moment.


  1. What a beautiful picnic spot! And you really went all out with the Hokie theme lol!

    1. Ah yes, we live in a world of orange and maroon... It's easy to have a Hokie picnic with what we have sitting around the house!

  2. 27? bah, you're still a mere child! oh well, I'm turning 39 this summer. Go have some babies, it will really age you. Is that on your goal list for the year? haha, I kid of course.

    1. bahaha... yes, I'm still a child thus no kiddos on the radar for this girl :-P


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