Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Spring Training & Rest

It was a beautiful weekend here in Southwest Virginia and I was more than happy to be spending it at home with few plans on the agenda. A light, relaxing weekend with plentiful sunshine was exactly what I needed and mother nature definitely held up her end of the deal.

Other than my training, my weekend really wasn't all that "adventurous." Saturday morning I hit the road early-ish for a long road ride, 40 miles, my longest ride to date in about 4 years. The weather was pristine: chilly at the start, calm winds, little humidity and slightly overcast. For the first 30 miles I had the road completely to myself and saw no other cyclists. It took me a while to warm-up... about half the ride actually.  But by about 20 miles in I was awake and feeling phenomenal and just soaking up the spring air and beautiful views...

While the majority of the ride was strong and wonderful, I quickly crashed and burned on my final climb home due to suboptimal nutrition which resulted in some major quad cramping (likely inadequate fluids/sodium). In fact, I cramped so badly that I found myself lying in a random person's yard (who was mowing their lawn at the time, lol) trying to get the cramps to stop so I could finish out the ride. This was with one mile to go, yup. Lessons learned. Moving on... :)

While I had planned to attend the Southwest VA Gluten-Free Expo in Roanoke on Saturday afternoon, I realized I would not arrive in time after making the hour drive, so I cut myself a break and took a nap instead! I went to work for a few hours mid afternoon to "catch up" and so that my Monday could be a little more peaceful. The day ended with some major lounging around while watching the sunset from the front yard and studying for my upcoming Food Manager's ServSafe exam next week. I am actually enjoying studying for this... Gosh, I feel like a bit of a nerd right now ;) 

Kenya checking out my Kale Chips snackage
Sunday morning the dog had me up at 5AM... Thanks pooch. I headed out to the trails early for a long run of 90 minutes. It was a beautiful morning and I'm thankful for the companionship of fellow ultra-runner Brett who just finished his first 100 miler last weekend! He kept track of time and I just ran carefree while chatting. It was relaxing to not worry about numbers, and simply enjoy the spring air and morning light shining through the trees... And having companionship definitely helped the time go by quickly. Thanks Brett!

Afterwards was a breakfast at Gillies with some awesome local lady athletes... It's rare to catch up outside our "athletic attire," though we all showed up in exercise clothes anyway, ha! I enjoyed sharing experiences, catching up with everyone's lives and race plans. Afterward I wandered around an antique sale taking place in the park... so much cool stuff but sadly I did not buy anything.

Sunday afternoon was LAZY with a capital L. I floated between lying on a blanket out in the sun and on the couch. Later in the afternoon I turned on some yoga music and took a another nap, this time upside down in our chase lounge with my legs elevated, sun shining in through the window... It was sort of glorious. I need a nap like that everyday!!

Sights and scenes of Sunday
Monday is here and I'm feeling like it's going to be a tough week...but I'm keeping my chin up because in one week, I'll be standing along the course cheering on runners of the Boston Marathon! I can't wait!


  1. That pic from your ride is so beautiful! I love cycling in the countryside. So peaceful and minimal cars

  2. Yes, lets focus on how amazing the weather was this past weekend - took so many walks outside because it was just too pretty to be indoors!

    40 miles - that is intense. Shannon and I were admiring your athletic ability the other day - it is great to see an RD balance life, training and work so well :)

    1. Thanks Kailey... it's definitely not always easy. The training part keeps me sane with the working part... but I really do love it all.

  3. Boy you guys sure do live in a beautiful part of the state, especially this time of year. What a ride (if you had fueled right)!

    I meant to ask, have you ever done the New River Trail 50k in Galax? Seriously thinking about signing up for that one.

    1. The New River Trail 50k... GREAT race. I have not done it but the husband has as well as numerous friends. Everyone has good stuff to say about it. I've run on the trail many times before for training, talk about beautiful!

    2. Cool. I think I'm going to give it a whirl this year. it's only a month after my ironman so hopefully I will be recovered in time.

    3. Yea, hopefully! What ironman are you doing this year?


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