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Boston Marathon: Pre-Race Events & Excitement!

We arrived safely in Boston Friday afternoon and have been enjoying the energy of the event since! After being picked up at the airport by my parents, we headed straight to Haynes Convention Center to retrieve race numbers for the dad and hubby and take a brief tour of the expo vendors. Let me just say that the expo is pure chaos, especially if you're a shorty like me and cannot see over the sea of people. We found it easiest to divide and conquer rather than trying to keep track of a large group.

The Boston Marathon Expo

The hubby and dad!

With dad at the expo entrance. He is excited to run Boston for the 3rd time...
a full 14 years after his last run here!

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Saturday morning we made our way back into downtown, this time via the T. We are staying a full hour outside of downtown Boston, closest to the start in Hopkinton than anything else, so we drove into Newton and hopped on the T there. We have friends who live in Newton only ONE block from the course at mile 17...score! So race morning we will likely be stationing ourselves there to cheer on runners before heading to the finish line. 

The hubby with friend and fellow Hokie, Devon!

I had one goal for the expo on Saturday which was to meet some lovely (and fast!) elite runner ladies. Kara Goucher & Lauren Fleshmen were signing autographs with Oiselle, so we went there first. However, once we finally found the back of the line we were told it was "closed" and had closed only 2 minutes prior. BOO! So we opted to stand near the autograph table and steal a few pics of them as they signed for others. The hubby, being the ingenious guy he is, walked behind their booth for a classic discrete photo bomb. Gotta love him, lol.

My BFF Carrie & I moved on to stand in line to see US Marathon Record holder Deena Kastor. We had to wait about a half hour and the line which also just so happened to be right near the Oiselle area. This is where I'll say that Kristen can be mischievous in getting what she wants... I could not let go of the opportunity to meet and snag a picture with Kara and Lauren! Since I am the queen of 'oblivious' anyway, I decided to live up to my expectations by 'wandering' back to their line and worked my way into the line as if I didn't know any better. YES, I am bad, I know, but Carrie was thankful and no one else seemed to care ;) Mission Accomplished!

Carrie and I with Lauren Fleshmen (L) and Kara Goucher (R). Kara was SO blown away by Carrie when she heard she's running a 50k next weekend. GO Carrie!
And of course, we jumped back into line to see Deena Kastor, who is super sweet! Hey, we almost look like twins!

With Deena Kastor
With Hal Higdon, major Runner's World Magazine author and runner! I own many of his books!
After catching up with all the "famous" peeps (my husband being most famous of all, says he), we wandered around to enjoy the rest of the expo vendors. Here are a few highlights.
Demoing the new Addidas Boost shoes on the human running wheel. It was SO fun!!
Stonyfield Yogurt, official yogurt of the Boston Marathon, was giving away full sized yogurt parfaits.
Thanks Stonyfield for lunch!
I spent a good amount of time chatting with the folks over at EnergyBits. If you're at the expo today, be sure to check them out and grab a sample or otherwise visit them online at I've been using spirulina in my shakes for a while now and EnergyBits provides a quality, reputable product if you're a spirulina/algae fan also. Feel free to use the code "Marathon" for a awesome discount OR leave a comment on this post for the opportunity to win a free grab bag! I enjoyed chatting with the company CEO in regards to why she is passionate about the health benefits of spirulina and chorella and her mission in providing the public with a quality, reputable product. I plan to do a formal review SOON, until then, feel free to read up on them online. I am thankful for the samples they provided me before my afternoon run as they definitely gave me the energy boost I needed after an exhausting few hours at the expo. 

A few members of the EnergyBits team. Expo booth #1934.

We Run Together

On the training schedule for Saturday was an hour run and knew exactly where I wanted to go! In driving from the airport, we passed this amazing running path along a beautiful river. Turns out it was only a few blocks from the expo downtown. So the hubby and I and our two friends set off in the afternoon to run along the river. To get there, we toured downtown down this awesome paved trail, around Boston Commons, etc. Just another reason why I love running: it serves as an amazing way to explore new places... and even better with great friends!

Running towards Boston Commons #WeRunTogether #HokiesUnited
Sailboats along the Charles River. They were preparing to race.

The hubby and I with the river and city in the background. This view is looking towards the MIT campus.
How could you NOT love this?!!!
The run was so amazingly perfect. Between the air of excitement with the marathon, the beautiful spring weather and the breathtaking view of the river and city, I was on cloud 9!! #RunHappy!

Today we are catching lunch with a bunch of Hokie friends and doing some final rounds of the expo. Otherwise, we plan to keep it low key... after all, we have runners who NEED to REST for their race TOMORROW! Woot woot!

Don't forget to leave a comment (What does "We Run Together" mean to you?!) below for the chance to win some EnergyBit samples!

Cheers from Boston! Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

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  1. Have a great time in Boston! I'll be watching on TV. Wish I were there :D


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