Friday, April 18, 2014

Synchroblog: Why Do You Run?

Some days you just gotta run. Like this past Wednesday for me. I came home from work simply overwhelmed and full of negative energy. It happens. We all have those moments/days. I tried pushing that energy off on doing the dishes, which was certainly productive, but not quite satisfying enough! I majorly needed to burn off some steam and knew nothing else would do but a good quality run. Lucky me, the schedule called for a choice run day...perfecto! Good call coach ;)  

Most days I run for fun: for the sense of enjoyment and being outside, soaking up some sunshine, and to be happy. But let's be real, running is also a great method of stress management. It keeps me sane and generally MUCH more patient with life's challenges. Running also imparts great life lessons of commitment and perseverance, self-confidence, focus and some days, spontaneity. I've been running since the age of 10, so it's definitely a fully engrained lifestyle for me!

So back to Wednesday. I set out for my run and let my legs go as fast and as long as they wanted. Funny what a little anger-induced adrenaline can do: I hit 3 of my first 4 miles in roughly 20:30/ 6:50 per mile average... I haven't sustained that pace for that long in many months but it felt good!! In the end, I flew through 8 miles in under an hour and then called it quits before running myself into the ground too much. Afterall, I have to save some energy to play in Boston over the next 5 days!!!

Anyways, enough of that tangent, today's UltraVT Synchroblog, " Why Do We Run?" is sponsored by Brett over at My Daily Ground. I like this Synchroblog trend and I especially like his choice of topic! Let's chat more about why I run. Shall we?!

What role does running play in your life?

I think I pretty much answered this question already. I simply love being out there on the open road moving,  the endorphin boost that comes afterward and the sense of exhaustion yet accomplishment all rolled into one happy package!

Running is also an effective (and more productive) form of stress management, a great way to build friendships with others and a fun way to experience the great outdoors. Last but definitely not least, running for me means quality time with the hubby, my dad, family and friends.

Pre-Wedding 5k, July 2011
10 Mile Relay, July 2013

When did you start running and why?

I started running as a child, 10 years old to be exact. My first race was a one-mile fun run. My dad brought me along as he was running the 5k. I joined a group of youth runners called New Energy and traveled around the state and east coast doing USAT/AAU cross country and track and field races. Actually, to start, my main events were the 100, 200 and 400. I loved sprinting!

Then after watching my dad run the 2000 Boston Marathon, I remember wanting to train for and run a marathon myself. I guess thus was born the distance running dream? I had met Jeff Galloway at the race expo and afterwards sent him a letter asking for training the ripe age of 13 years old... Yea, I was an ambitious child! You can check out his wise response below...

A few childhood running pics from before 2000.
I certainly do hope to "run marathons for the rest of my life!" Circa 2000.

If you could only run one last run, where and with whom would it be and why?

If I could do one last run, it would be with my husband (duh!) and hopefully my dad too. The hubby and I are planning to run rim to rim to rim of the Grand Canyon in the next few years, so I'm going to say that if I had one last run, that's what I would choose. Another "must do" run for me? Boston Marathon with dad. It's just gotta happen.

Which is better, trail running or road running? Why?

This is awful to make me have to choose, so I won't... ha! I like smooth surfaces and running fast, thus love road running. The marathon is definitely my favorite event right now (if you haven't caught on to that yet). On the flip side, trail running is MUCH more exhilarating! Especially when it involves long technical downhills, running through thunderstorms in the mountains, creek crossings, etc. I love that the pup can come along too off leash. So ideally? Train on trails, race on road... best of both worlds =P

Do you prefer solo or group running? Why?

As an introvert, I tend to fly solo more often than not. Having a specific plan further pushes me towards solo running and there are many days that I love to get lost in the pace and my thoughts and just go. Or days that I need the flexibility of running where I want, when I want. That being said, I also love the companionship of others and realize the importance of groups in long-term sustainability and the motivating benefits they present. I make it a point to include others in my training as often as possible. Oftentimes it's hard for me to keep up with conversation or match my pace to others (my husband will testify to that), but I'm learning and growing in that area 
So there you have it! A little more on what makes me 'tick' and why I run. I have to say, the timing of this post is pretty perfect because today the hubby and I are in route to the Boston Marathon! A weekend of all-things running, excitement and happiness? Yes please! Endorphin overload? Most likely =P I can't wait to see my friends and family race, but also to take in the expo and see how many famous runners I can meet!!! I'm cheering on Shalane Flanagan for the women's win... how about you?

So now your turn to tell me... 

Why Do You Run?

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  1. Good luck in Boston and have a great trip!

  2. Loved this post! I completely related to running being a source of great life lessons, clarity, stress reliever, and catalyst for great friendships. Like anything else, my experiences with running has come with intense highs and some lows (i.e. like, when the mere thought of running all of suddenly filled me with dread after months of being addicted to it - whyyyyyy?!).

    On another note, I would love to learn more about your strength training routine! Any tips for healthy/sustainable weight lifting would be great! I currently try to attend Body Pump twice a week but I would like to see more progress with muscle build since high repetition focuses more on leaner muscles. While I know some women shy away from having more defined muscles, I'd love it! :) Have fun in Boston!


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