Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mantra: We Run Together

Today is THE Boston Marathon and I could not be more stoked to be here in the city, cheering on a few of my MOST favorite people. The air of excitement is just infectious, the energy uplifting, motivating and a bit breathtaking. I am surrounded by positivity and soaking it in. People come here to fulfill a dream, to be surrounded by other runners and to soak in the experience that comes with packed crowds of cheering spectators for miles on end. It's like runner's heaven.

Standing amongst the flurry of activity at the Boston Marathon finish line pre-race. 

The prevailing motto for this year's event has been "We Run Together," which I absolutely love and feel is appropriate. This year's marathon more so than others is symbolic of triumph over evil and of the unity of the people of Boston and runners worldwide and occurred after last year's bombings. It reminds me a of similar celebration triumph that we Hokies have been celebrating around this time for the past 7 years...

Just a few days ago the town of Blacksburg and local Hokies gathered together for a 3.2 Run For Remembrance some nine thousand people strong. They gathered to run together, celebrate life, vitality and triumph over the evil that injured our spirit but certainly did not kill it. It was an incredible display of the power of community and strength in numbers and I could not be more proud to be a Hokie.

We are the Hokies. We will prevail. We are Virginia Tech.

Unity. 3.2 Run for Remembrance 2014. Photo by Virginia Tech.
How can you not feed uplifted by this photo? The start of the 3.2 Run for Remembrance 2013. Photo by Jim Stroup.

Similarly, today the town of Boston will gather together along with 36,000 plus marathon runners to celebrate another story of triumph. Yes, today runners will dig within themselves to conquer the obstacles they face and achieve personal athletic victories, but each runner that crosses the finish line will also serve as a demonstration of triumph over evil and a celebration those whose who are unable to participate. We Run Together is not only symbolic of the powerful bond that unites runners everywhere, but also of the power of unity in making a difference, turning a negative event into an overwhelmingly positive display of love, compassion, perseverance and togetherness. We run together for those who no longer can.

Celebrating and remembering 4 people whose lives were cut short, and countless others who were injured.
Hokies Runners United!
I have my sign ready to be put to work out on the course!
I've enjoyed this trip thus far and all of the excitement that surrounds the event, but to be honest, last night also included a few tears of sadness as my dad and husband made their final race preparations. It's bittersweet to be here and NOT be racing knowing how hard I've worked to earn a spot on that starting line, knowing that the plan was to come so that WE could RUN TOGETHER and how close I was to gaining entry :'( But there are lessons to be learned in everything and President Obama said it best with his memorial speech after last year's Boston Marathon:

And that’s what you’ve taught us, Boston. That’s what you’ve reminded us -- to push on. To persevere. To not grow weary. To not get faint. Even when it hurts. Even when our heart aches. We summon the strength that maybe we didn’t even know we had, and we carry on.

We Finish the Race.


  1. This is such a bittersweet day. Have a great time in Boston!

  2. I hope y'all have a wonderful and safe day at the race today! Enjoy it! :) Boston Strong, Go Hokies!

  3. Next year I have no doubt that you will be rocking some yellow and blue colors :)
    Hokie & Boston strong

  4. What a beautiful day you had in Boston, and great that you represented the Hokies with your sign! In 2010 I was running along in my VT shirt and saw a couple holding up a huge VT blanket along the course. I stopped to get a picture with them, and it really made my day! Hope your dad and hubby did well and had fun. You'll get there, and love it!

    1. Thanks Deb! Yea, we had more than a few runners yell "Go Hokies!" as they ran by... it was fun!


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