Sunday, April 6, 2014

Little Victories: April

Can it be that we've finally reached spring?? After two blitz snow dustings here in the 'burg last week, warm weather seems to have finally arrived and hopefully this time it's here to stay! In the past week I've had my first 'real' run post-marathon, first outdoors (and longer!) road ride and between those and the beautiful weather, I was so happy I could fly! Really though, it was so nice to be out on the open road running and riding again!

From a low key post-marathon recovery "run,"
which involved more walking and pictures than anything else :)

April is looking to be a FUN month! I'm excited about a lot of things : 

We bought our plane tickets and will be in Boston over Easter weekend to watch the hubby and dad + tons of friends run the marathon! Woot !

Now that MY marathon is behind me it's time to switch gears and finally focus on tri-specific training. Yup, this year will be a return to triathlon for me and I'm excited to see all that's in store for me this season.

On April 26th the hubby (+ his brother!) will run the Promise Land 50k... That's just 5 short days post-Boston. I am pumped for another fun day out on the trails as part of the cheer squad. 

We are focusing on food sustainability at work to gear up for the summer farmer's market. I look forward to sharing some info along the way... Plus *hopefully* we'll be getting our home garden together here soon.

Today I'm traveling to Charlottesville, VA for our Virginia Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Annual State Meeting. The 3 day event is jam-packed with awesome speakers, including today's four hour workshop on Sunday "Fueling for the Elite Athlete: Eating & Hydration Strategies to Enhance Athletic Performance." Helllloooo amazingness. Time for "Kristen the Nerd who LOVES to Learn" to come out :-P

Otherwise, continues to be busy and I'm continually trying to get more organized (yes, still...) I'm working with 3 different students right now + will have a dietetic intern at the end of the month for 2 weeks! I've been doing a ton of spring cleaning and trying to build the habit of knocking out my workouts in the early AM. Yea... getting there with that one ;) 

March Victories:

Organization: it wasn't an intentional goal, but when the mood hits I run with it. I pitched a ton of useless papers in the office, made a binder for just about everything and we finally hung up more pictures in our home! Now to just get rid of all those moving boxes in the basement ...

Shamrock Marathon: PR...check! BQ...Check! Now to actually get into Boston... I learned my lesson from last year and am making no promises on that one :)

Lifting: I did NOT do a lot of lifting in March due to tapering and recovering for the marathon. But I did invest that extra time in making a plan to make the most of my sessions now that I'm back in the weight room. The gym is my playground... I love it!

April Goals:

Sleep: Insomnia has been a huge issue for me despite efforts otherwise to get to bed early and sleep through the night. This is nothing new as it was a common place for me in college. But when you work full time during the DAY and can't escape home for a 2-3 hour mid-afternoon nap... it's a little more difficult to cope with.

Stability: In the weight room, that is! I've been using the bosu ball more and lower weights to incorporate more functional exercises + core work into my lifting routine.

Meal-prep: Prepping my workday lunches on the weekend goes a loooong ways and is a habit I've been slacking on more recently. With training ramping up again, time to make the extra effort to plan ahead so I get both the right amount of calories and of quality foods. I've been stocking the fridge with a number of healthy grab 'n' go items for those days I'm running a bit behind (which is most days ;)

Swimming: Putting in the miles for running and biking come easy to me. Swimming on the otherhand....meh...I've come a long ways in terms of enjoyment of the water but I still find it much more difficult to give forth consistent quality efforts in the pool. Since my first open water swim is oh, only a month away now, that should provide some good motivation.

Cycling: My lovely Serotta is in great shape, but still needs a bit of TLC before the racing season begins. I was good and gave it a thorough cleaning, degreasing and fresh coat of oil for the chain last weekend. I still have a lot to "re" learn in terms of everyday maintenance AND riding, like uh, changing a flat tire and not just running to the local bike shop (they are great though!).

Bike maintenance in the kitchen...gotta love it!
Here's some fun trivia for you:
How many different outfits can Kristen pack for one conference? (Workout clothes included :)


  1. Great goals for April :) I've been cycling for almost a year, now, and I know embarrassing little about bike maintenance! Gotta learn...

  2. Congrats on the BQ and the PR you earned last month! Sounds like this month will be full of fun, too!


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