Monday, March 3, 2014

Training Update, 'Little Victories' & National Nutrition Month!!

February was a blur. It's been a busy month of work for me, plus peak marathon training, battling the winter weather, etc. It was a struggle at times but I feel good about how my fitness has progressed and the steps forward I've made professionally as well. Somehow, my marathon is now less than two weeks away! Yikes! I'm excited though to return to my hometown, take advantage of some flat roads and see what I can do :) :)

Training Update

As I mentioned, the past few weeks' workouts have been all marathon focused in regards to long runs and workouts. Though, it feels SO differently this time around... partially b/c I've matured a bit a runner in the past year, partially b/c my aerobic base is much stronger, and partially b/c not managing my own training schedule takes away much of the stress, allowing me to just GO do my thing, work hard and have fun with it!

I was suppose to run the Blacksburg Classic on February 15th but it was postponed due to weather. Though I was exhausted from working overtime in the days prior, I logged a quality 19ish mile run that weekend that reminded me of the important role that running plays in mental health. It's been all happy vibes since that run! Last weekend, I was away in WV with friends where I took advantage of the beautiful weather and explored some new roads on my bike and hiked at Senecca Rocks and did some self-led yoga in the sun (that's marathon training, right?). In an effort to be more 'flexible', I skipped my long run that Sunday. Don't worry, I logged it on Monday and ventured out to the New River Trail in Pulaski. It was a beautiful day and incredibly quiet, my legs enjoyed the flatter terrain and I was able to run just over 20 miles w/ roughly 75 minutes being at goal marathon felt great overall which is a definite confidence boost going into Shamrock!!

Otherwise, it's been swimming 2x/week, cycling/trainer session 1x/week and lifting 2-3x/week as time allows to continue to build towards goals later this spring/summer/fall!

A few training scenes from February
Yesterday I ran the (rescheduled) Blacksburg Classic 10 Mile with my dad and the hubby. Dad has been injured so he dropped to the 5k (still finished 3rd in his AG!) and the hubby rocked out 2nd place overall in the 10! The race being postponed changed its function in my overall training plan, thus I ran as a workout rather than all-out effort and here is my shortie 'race report': I finished in roughly 1:16:30 as the 11th overall female (possibly 4th in AG?)... holding back in a race is definitely a different mindset, especially when my mind (and nerves) where telling me to race. This was great practice for holding back early in my marathon and I definitely enjoyed the opportunity to log a quality workout with great company, course support and post-race food!

The Classic... Always a favorite race! With Dad, the hubby and the VT Ultra Team!
Action pic courtesy of Bretty Sherfy.

Victories for February:

Focus: While it wasn't an intentional goal for February, I've noticed I've been cultivating more of the 'mental' side of things and learning to be much more 'present' in the moment in my workouts. Which, is a very good thing with my marathon being in two weeks!

General strengthening: I definitely feel as if I've gained some great strength this month through my gym workouts! I've been taking it 'easier' on the legs, doing more balance, coordination and hip/glute strengthening for injury prevention rather than heavy lifting for strength. On the flip side, I've kicked my upper body/core workouts into higher gear ...which I always love.

Professional Development: February was about continuing the process of getting organized at work, but also branching out in a number of ways. While my job can be very individual, I've been building relationships with the interdisciplinary team, students/interns, and members of the food service staff in ways that will make my efforts more effective long term. Go me!!!

Dedication/Flexibility: I've stayed dedicated to my workouts despite being busy... more recently I logged three quality night runs which is big for me (I REALLY don't like running in the dark, especially when it's cold!). I've been getting in my trainer rides despite procrastinating until late at night (8pm or later...womp). Drop the excuses and Get'R done! Also, while flexibility (life-wise, not muscle wise) has NEVER been a strong point, I've been seeing this develop more and more, in a good way! Yea!

Goals for March:

Celebrate National Nutrition Month! March is National Nutrition Month and this year's theme is "Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right." I have a lot of fun planned at work and for the blog so you'll definitely be hearing more about it...shortly!

Cultivate mindfulness: I want to continue to work on the mental aspect of running, athletics, etc... Racing season is looming just around the corner and this is not just something you can cultivate the day of a race... As with most good things in life, it takes patience and persistence. 

Work-life balance: Like February, March is going to be a BUSY month for me as I've taken on a few extra 'activities' with NNM and in hosting our regional dietetic association's spring meeting. Luckily I'll be tapering and recovering from Shamrock for a good part of the month, but still... I want to be good about setting limits with work and living life too and remembering to "breathe" and getting adequate sleep is always a good thing!

Delegate: Related to above, I'm striving to make my job responsibilities at work flow more effectively and manage my time better.

Shamrock Marathon (March 16th): I guess I should set a goal for this one?! Have fun, race smart, BQ for 2015 and catch up with friends. Short and sweet!

Okay, that's what is going on with me this month!

What are your goals for March?! 

How might you celebrate National Nutrition Month?


  1. Good job getting in a solid training run at the Classic! I'm the one that said hi to you in the gym before they started the awards. I'm glad I got a chance to say hello. :) Good luck at Shamrock!

    1. Thanks Meagan for introducing yourself! It was great to meet you :) I look forward to following your progress on your blog, and will see you at the Varmit if not before!


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