Friday, March 21, 2014

Synchroblog: UltraVT

Ultra running is AWESOME for a number of different reasons, but one of my favorite is the sense of community that comes along with it. A fellow runner on the trail often will become an instant friend, many will treat you as if they've known you forever, and support found in races is unheard of in most road races. All which contributed to getting me to the finish of the Mountain Masochist 50 last fall... I have utmost appreciation for my running friends (old and new) that got me through the day!

I have an even greater appreciation for UltraVT... the team that served as a huge motivating factor in getting me through the LUS series last year. Their love for the sport and enthusiasm is contagious... and they'll quickly have you believing that these ultra-distance runs are "fun"... (hint: they are!). Thanks UltraVT friends for the love, support and motivation! In return, here's my first "synchroblog':

How would you describe to a stranger UltraVT?

We're a group of runners in the New River Valley of Virginia (mainly Virginia Tech students, but UltraVT is NOT limited to students!) who share a common love for all things outdoors, adventure and running up mountains. We are competitive with ourselves, yet love nothing better than seeing a new face in the group who is eager to learn the ropes of trail running and give their first ultra a try.

When did you get involved with UltraVT?

I guess right around fall 2012, when we moved back to Blacksburg. The hubby, being an ultra-marathon native, naturally became involved immediately and dragged me out to practices. He eventually convinced me to run the Lynchburg Ultra Series. In the beginning, to be completely honest, I was more excited about the t-shirt than running up trails part ;)

How do you see yourself within UltraVT?

Since I have no ultras on my schedule this year, I consider myself support crew/ team dietitian... and for this weekend, team cheerleader and photographer! (if I drag myself out of my sleeping bag that is... hehehe)

What is your favorite aspect of UltraVT?

The camaraderie ... it is really representative of the ultra-running community as a whole.

What is your favorite trail to run in the vicinity of VT?

The AT beyond Angel's Rest in Giles was one of my favorite trail runs in the last year. It's a beautiful trail, not overly technical, with a lot of variety and great views.

Jordan overlooking Pearisburg from Angel's Rest. Summer 2013

Any secrets you'd like to share?

I am a wimp when it comes to running up mountains! How I ever made it through the LUS is still a mystery to me. It DOES get easier and more enjoyable with practice, and the views are definitely worth the effort. Though right now I am loving anything and everything FLAT !

What's your favorite post-race meal?

I usually enjoy a homemade cherry smoothie of some kind immediately post-race. Otherwise, I love a good Chipotle burrito salad bowl or Panera's black bean soup with a baguette.

My question (for myself): What's your 'recipe' for race day success?

Ingredients: Preparation, race smarts, positive attitude, free spirit, proper fuel, patience, grit, pure stubbornness (not the fake stuff!), etc (add your own fillings).

Directions: Mix well w/ with a plentiful coffee, bake in some sunshine, add a sprinkle of and keep your eyes on that finish line!!!

Interested in learning more about UltraVT and their racing endeavors? Check out similar posts and updates from the family, including Rudy, Guy, Rachel, Alexandria, Brett, Jordan and Dylan!!

Alrighty, that's all I have for today! Looking forward to taking a break from racing this weekend and cheering everyone on tomorrow at the Terrapin Mtn 50k!!!


  1. Ultra running seems so fun and the scenery is always amazing! I want to try it some day

    1. You totally should give it a try Jojo! It is SO much less stressful than road running!

  2. A good group like that one can make all of the difference in the world. I've been loving the trails lately too. cool!

    1. YES, it absolutely does make a difference. Kudos on the trail running! Great for injury prevention too :)


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