Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Mantra: Every Day is a New Beginning

Sometimes you just need a fresh start. The chance to mentally 'reboot,' create new habits, meet new people and set the stage for growth. Sort of like the fresh growth we see each spring as mother nature reboots itself.

Last year around this time, I needed a change. I was confident in my goals, ready and willing to work hard, yet struggling to pull the pieces together. Honestly, I was tired of making the same mistakes over and over (and over) again. I needed direction, accountability, an outside perspective...and really, a reason to start from scratch. I followed my gut instinct, bit the bullet regarding something I had put off MUCH too long and decided to hire a coach. Probably one of the BEST decisions I've made... it's been a year of growth, changing perspective and learning. Even better, it's successful year of progress while having fun doing what I love and I am so thankful for that. Ya hear that coach?

What I love about life is, no matter what happened yesterday, each DAY is NEW and the opportunity to start fresh. The successes or disappointments of yesterday really don't matter as much as what we decide to do with today. Each day is the beginning of a new race, the opportunity to better your best, explore new territory, push beyond self-imposed limitations and step outside our comfort zone. How cool is that?!

Every finish line is also the starting line of something new. And today, I am thankful for another starting line. With last fall's 50 miler and the Shamrock Marathon now behind me, I am ready to mentally start fresh with a clean slate. I'm excited move on to a new season with new goals, and goals that involve not just running, but some biking and swimming too!

From the Patriots Sprint Tri last Sept.

After I set triathlon aside in graduate school (2010), I knew I'd eventually make my way back to it when the timing was right. God's timing is perfect, right? While the change is definitely intimidating and scary and outside of my comfort zone in many ways, it's another of those 'follow your gut instinct' kind of things. There's so much to love about the sport that I have missed and something inside has just been saying "you need to do this." 

Appropriate new sticker that I bought at the Shamrock Marathon expo :)
Though I have 4+ years of experience in the sport behind me from college, SO much has changed since then. I am looking forward to experiencing the sport from a fresh perspective and aiming to keep an open mind. In my eyes, I still have SO much to learn. With that comes renewed expectations, less pressure in terms of performance and the opportunity for growth. 

 This quote sort of sums it up perfectly:

I just love this!

So here's to a new day, a new week, a new season and a fresh start. 

Hello Monday...and Spring!

Hello new beginnings!

Hellllloooooo triathlon! :D


  1. Great quotes! I crave trying new things, and in the past few years, I've tried rowing, started running, cycling, rock climbing, and duathlon. Doing something new is so thrilling!

    1. It's definitely thrilling to try new things... or even old things from a different perspective can really be effective in boosting motivation too!

  2. Welcome back ;-) You will have a fresh perspective and enjoy the change up!

  3. My ironman training plan started today too. Enjoy the new perspective and enthusiasm! It suits you well.

    also, holding the dog? Welcome to the gun show! Wow, way to show off the arms girl!

    1. Woot! What a great day weather wise to kick off ironman training.


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