Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 Perks to Riding Your Indoor Bike Trainer

I'm slowly starting to remember what this whole cycling deal is all about. While riding has not been the emphasis of training over the past few months, it's been a great compliment to marathon training, overall base building, etc... Over the winter, my rides had been getting progressively longer, and since there was no way I was ready for COLD riding outdoors, I became reacquainted with bike trainer... Ya know, that thing I've dragged through 4+ different moves and has done nothing but collect dust for the past couple of years. Honestly, I was surprised to learn that a) I could find it, b) I have all the necessary pieces and c) it actually still works quite well!

Catching up with some computer time on a low-key spin.

I used to notoriously hate the trainer and avoid it at all cost, but this winter I kept an open mind and found creative ways to make it my friend and a little more fun! I mean, I'm all about some fresh air, beautiful outdoor scenery and riding open roads, but I'll pass on the freezing my tush off and dealing with gusty winter winds part. Thank the Lord that's finally over. So anyway, here's a little mid-week fun post for you...

10 Perks to Riding Your Indoor Trainer

(1) Convenience of riding at any hour, with minimal set up or preparation... 
whether that be 5AM or 9PM (yup...I have done both!)

(2) No helmet hair... and you can free style with your hair down! (I'll spare you a pic ;)

(3) Reap the benefits of a sauna, for FREE, and sweat away those toxins!

(4) Pets make for a great personal cheer squad!

I hear "Go mom Go!" while she's probably thinking more along the lines of
"Why are you working SO hard and going NOWHERE?"
(5) Convenience of using the potty anytime you want.

(6) Embrace your inner creativity and wear whatever mismatch outfit you want!

(7) Blast tunes and create your own personal pump-up spin dance party :D

(8) It's MUCH more difficult to crash... but rest assured it can be done.

(9) No need to worry about sharing the road with crazy drivers...or in our area, crazy deer or turkeys that come out of nowhere.

(10) And my favorite: Eat Drink & Be Merry! Breakfast, coffee, chocolate...Wine :) tehehe

Okay, so the little bit of indoors riding I did this winter was NOT as bad as I thought it would be. Which is good, because I'm certain I'll be seeing that beautiful trainer many more times throughout this season. We might even make peace, learn to work together and become BFF's.

And I have to say, to enjoy that first outdoors longer ride earlier this week and feel even semi-fit / strong on the bike...

Totally worth all the effort!

Looking forward many months of beautiful rides like this one!

Happy "Hump Day" Ya'll !!!


  1. I bought my trainer and started training indoors this winter. Music really helps me to feel energized when I'm running or cycling, and riding indoors allows me to listen to music! I also catch up on my tv shows :)

  2. I bought a spin bike in January and have really loved having it! It was great having it for cross-training on the days that our trails were too snow covered to run on (even with our Yaktrax).


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