Monday, February 3, 2014

Things I'm Loving Right Now

While I'm not much of a shopper, I have to admit there are more than a few gifts I've received that I am absolutely loving right now... sometimes it's the little things in life, like a new lunch box, warm socks or a favorite mug that make all the difference in organization, comfort and making days a little easier. Here are a few "health related" products I'm loving right now throughout the winter months!

1. Thirty-One Lunchbox
A gift from a friend. I love the style, that it matches my work bag and of course that it's pink! It has provided the motivated I needed to get back to packing lunch regularly again :)

2. Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics Cookbook
Another gift from a few years ago, but I recently pulled this out again and am playing around with the recipes. Gourmet meals using real ingredients that are not over the top difficult... and not to mention the soup recipes rock!

3. Injinji Compression Stockings
Christmas gift from the hubby! They're a bit thicker than my other compression socks thus great for keeping my calves and tootsies nice and toasty through the winter. I mainly wear these after runs under my work clothes, which provides all day comfort, but they work well during runs too! I love the benefits of compression.

4. Weight Club Thermos
This was a gift for my contribution to the Burn n' Learn event last November. Not only can I rep my favorite gym, this thermos keeps hot soups and drinks warm forrrrrrever which is great for winter and us all day coffee drinkers. This worked out perfectly this past week: first on Tuesday when I dragged it to the pool and then Saturday when we did and out-of-town long run. I poured the coffee at 4:30am Saturday and it was still piping hot long past 11am when I was finished!

5. Hokie Sport Headbands
I live in these for workouts and casual days alike! I recently found them on sale at our local Kroger so I took advantage and restocked my supply. Functional, stylish and repping my favorite school all at once ... what's not to love?

6. Exercise Leggings
For traveling, after workout sessions or after a long day of work, I'm ALL about comfort these days and leggings have been my go-to lounging attire this winter! I love that these conform but are stretchy and warm. There are so many options to choose out there, but plain black works for me.

7. Ironman Yurbuds
The hubby found these at Wal-Mart in Pearisburg for $9. Quite a steal! Love the ear fit for listening to my tunes on runs. The logo is pretty cool too ;) ... I just broke out my 2nd pair since they get used so much... good tunes can definitely help to get through those cold or early morning exercise sessions!

8. Trader Joe's Miso Soup
Okay, this more of a "thing I'm wanting again right now" because we ran out weeks ago. The hubby and are obsessed with this miso soup and it makes for a quick, warm and comforting meals on busy nights or post long runs. I add diced tofu, soba noodles and edamame to bulk it up a bit...Nom nom. Hopefully dad will restock our supply when he visits here soon since there are no TJ's around here.

What little things are you loving right now?

Happy Monday ya'll !


  1. I'm actually loving my Thirty-One lunchbox now too! Got one right after christmas


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