Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Mantra: Don't Forget to Breathe

You should know by now that I love my sports metaphors.

Lately when I'm swimming, I've been so focused on trying to use the correct form that I've been forgetting to breathe ... obviously, this quickly puts me into oxygen debt, wears me out and I'm eventually forced to either stop or slow down. 

Anyway, this sort of sums up how I've been feeling about life lately. While VERY happy with how things are going, my days have LONG and chaotic as of late. I've been highly motivated and working HARD, which has been paying off in a lot of great ways. Yet, I also know that running on 'full throttle' is NOT good long term... 

This past week I had big plans to intentionally slow down, yet life had other plans for me. Just ahead of the arrival of our massive snow storm (20" I think?!), I came home Wednesday afternoon and packed my suitcase, pillow and sleeping bag, toiletries, etc and headed BACK to work. Yup, I battled the snow 4:00 Wednesday afternoon to get back to work, because I knew I HAD to be there Thursday morning. In my job, I'm considered essential staff during weather events like such and for a good reason: the residents need to eat (and I want them too!). We ended up being very short staffed Thursday and Friday, which left me filling in new areas (which was neat), but also pushing my limits a little too far.  I mean, what do you do in these situations, other than to suck it up and keep your chin up and try to have a good attitude? 

I came home Friday mid-day with the intention of running and seeing the hubby off for his race
(before heading back to work for one final shift!)
The run was a bit of a fail but I caught a short and MUCH needed nap instead.
Nonetheless, I finally landed home (for good) Friday night after 8pm. I had barely seen the hubby since Wednesday morning (he had already left for his race at this point) and after three non-stop days of working, I walked into the house feeling empty, exhausted and alone. I finally broke down and had a good cry, being strong only lasts so long and we all need that from time to time :)

Saturday it was just me and the pup, so I enjoyed some quality cuddle time on the couch and enjoyed the snow (finally!) before forcing myself to get up and DO something. Three days of essentially no exercise, I knew I had to move to truly feel better.
SNOW much fun :)

One swim + trainer ride + short gym session + the return of the hubby and a belated Valentines dinner + a chick flick later... I was still pretty tired, but nonetheless in a much better mood. A low key day was exactly what I needed.

More cuddles and a chick flick. Yes please!
Life's a marathon, not a sprint. As an endurance runner, I know that running too fast results in recruitment of anaerobic muscle fibers which will fatigue much faster than those slow twitch, "meant to go forever" aerobic fibers. Just like a marathon, you have to pace yourself appropriately and 'fuel' along the way: adequate sleep, good nutrition, hydration and general relaxation are all important pieces of the puzzle. Last week essentially lacked all of those, so I know this week NEEDS to be all about the restoration of balance: Being mindful of how I am using my time, slowing down, remembering to breathe deep, taking good care of myself, maximal relaxation, having fun and all the little things that will refill the tank that I've exhausted these past few weeks.

This upcoming weekend, I am thankful for a mini-retreat with friends. The perfect opportunity to intentionally set the busy life aside and relax, reflect and reunite with some of my favorite people! It's exactly what I need and the timing couldn't be more perfect... a good end goal to get me through the work week.

Just another manic monday? Not if I can help it!!!

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  1. wow that is pretty packed! I got to slow down some this weekend with the wife. So nice when it works out like that.


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