Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Mantra: Believe You Can

So often, the difference between a good/mediocre workout or race and a great one is our mental soundtrack and confidence in achieving our goals.

Do you believe you can hit your goal times, or is it simply a wish?

Do you go into your workouts confident in your ability to put forth your best, or unsure of your ability to push yourself ?

I've had more than a few workouts lately where I've let anxiety get the best of me. They turned out fine, but inside I was a jumbled mess and on the outside, barely able to catch my breath. There are certain paces on the clock that I'm just not used to seeing, yet I can't expect to race at such paces if I don't truly believe I can run them.

I'm beginning to connect the dots in terms of what it takes to truly believe I can achieve times I'm capable of. Successful runs and races are not "by luck" or chance, they're the culmination of hard work (preparation) followed by trusting that such preparation will get you to the finish line with success. Success is about having the mental fortitude of giving 100% effort and believing in your capabilities, running a bold yet smart race and not being afraid of how much it might hurt or whether you might bonk (execution).

So this is my reminder to myself, with my first race of the season, the Blacksburg Classic 10 mile, this weekend followed by the Shamrock Marathon roughly a month later. 

I borrowed this from RunAbout's FB page last week... thanks for the timely post!

NOW... Go get the week!!!

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