Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Mantra: Commitment

I'm jumping onboard with an idea by fellow RD blogger, Nutritionella, in providing a few words of inspiration to jump start each new week on a positive note. Because we can ALL use a little more positivity in our life. Especially in the dead of winter when we've been battling single digit or even sub-zero temps most days. Is it spring yet?

I know just last week I was saying how excited I am for marathon training. THAT still rings true. Now the cold on the other hand I could do without, please?! As I was completing my first big long run last weekend AND freezing in the process, one word ran on repeat in my head: commitment.

That would be my lovely husband pictured!
Training through the winter months is not always easy or fun, but a necessary task for the year-round athlete and even more so those with early spring racing plans. I knew exactly what I was up again in opting to run a spring marathon, yet knowing and doing are two very different things, and extreme cold have NOT been very good friends here lately. There have been many days where I've had to mentally 'suck it up' and drag myself out the door, dress for the occasion and pray my body and lungs cooperate.

A little humor for your Monday morning... Thanks Runner's World.
One of the biggest lessons I've learned as an athlete over the past year is how to not be a fair weather runner. I know now that motivation to achieve my goals will most often trump the discomfort that suboptimal weather conditions often entail...I just might grumble a little more along the way :) On a similar note, winter is not going away any faster if I complain, so I might as well learn to adapt, problem solve and run through it... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? A.k.a. Kristen needs to stop being a wimp already. Just sayin'.

Pretty hands post-run. yay Raynauds.
This was from an easy run on Saturday...I'm wearing shorts so it must not have been that bad,
dressed in ALL pink b/c it made me happy.
Thankfully this weekend provided a tad bit of a mental break from the cold.
Commitment means getting the job done, even on days when we just don't feel like it or life is throwing obstacles our way. A notion that I will be continuing to dwell on in 2014 as this is only the beginning of the hard work that lies ahead of me! And as with every year, the "winter weather woes" as I've been calling them will soon pass, spring will come and we'll all be better off for having consistently trained through the winter. For now, this is just another opportunity for me to push out of my comfort zone... something I will probably be doing a lot of this year.

For those die-hard treadmill folks, here's a fun goal for you to strive for this winter.

And here's a great article about dressing for the elements quoting local running store owner, James DeMarco of Runabout Sports.

Want more information on winter running? Head on over to this article by Runner's World.

Stay safe, stay warm friends... and Happy Monday!!

p.s. NEW recipe coming Wednesday that will hopefully put a smile on your face :)


  1. You are a rockstar!!! I see people in town running in the cold and just know my body couldn't handle it...but I praise you guys!!!!

    I read this post to my husband who is a PhD student. A lot of the words you used and the commitment quote ran true! He's committed to get this done!!! He nodded his head and smiled as I read it!

    Best of luck to you and I'll be hoping for warmer days ahead...

    1. Thanks Angela... yup, commitment certainly carries over to ALL areas of life. I don't know how those PhD students do it... something I am NOT wanting to try anytime soon :)


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