Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Back on Track: Take 2

While I wrote a similar post around Thanksgiving about getting back into training post-50 miler, I thought I'd follow up with a second post as the process of kicking things into a higher gear now that the holidays have passed and races are looming! This year I took much more down time at the end of the season than last, and I'm thankful for that! Yet training adds some much needed structure to my life, which has felt unsettled and chaotic for a while now. Between tapering and racing Mountain Masochist, post-race recovery, moving into a new home mid-December, Christmas, New Years and a week in Haiti...I've felt all out of sorts!

Our family portrait from Christmas 2013. What a huge blessing to move into our first home with the help of family AND then celebrate Christmas together!
All these things have been wonderful and fun but now that I've returned from Haiti, I'm more than ready to get a little more 'serious' about the training lifestyle and settle back into my normal routine again. With how chaotic the past two months have been, healthy habits have slipped in regards to proper sleep, nutrition, hydration, etc ... Grocery shopping and cooking? I may have forgotten what those are!!

On our way back from Haiti, the hubby and I decided it was time we truly get back into gear regarding all those little things that lead to enhanced training outcomes, better health and a happier mood for us in general. We planned out our racing/life schedule for 2014 (it's a busy one), got our bills in order, hit up the store to stock up on healthy grocery essentials, signed up for a few spring races and are trying to motivate each other by streamlining training sessions when possible. Having a husband who is also an athlete = winning! I just love it. The other day we drove into town for our run together, and though we went completely separate ways, it was super motivating to have him out there at the same time.

Us kicking off 2014 in the best way we know: with a long trail run!
Getting organized over a cup of coffee with this sweet calendar... a gift from a friend!
First run post-Haiti with the hubby and pup.
Kenya is excited to be getting back into shape too!
Total body strengthening is another area I'm striving to add back into my routine more consistently. I've been back in the gym since early December, but not in the most productive manner... more like "warming up" to the idea of lifting again, haha. So now I've written out some workouts to get me back on track, keep me accountable and use my precious gym time productively. Sort of like running, the gym is my happy place! It's pretty pertinent for me to stay injury free too, so that in itself is motivation enough to get myself in gear and make it happen now that training is picking up again. Over the next few months, I hope to share a few of my favorite exercises, so stay tuned!

As also mentioned, nutrition is another area that's been slacking, as often does anyway on the off-season and during the holidays, but I'm feeling ready to settle back into packing my lunch daily, cooking a few key meals per week with planned leftovers, focusing on better pre- post- workout nutrition, pushing fluids and having my beloved green smoothies daily. Nothing too specific, just small tweaks along the way to optimize energy levels and enhance recovery, which I'll be needing both as I dive headfirst into this next training cycle...

Speaking of which, this past week I kicked off training towards my next two races, the Blacksburg Classic 10 miler in mid-February and the Shamrock Marathon in my hometown of Virginia Beach in mid-March. 2013 was a fun year of trail ultras, but I am oh SO excited to return to the roads for some faster running... And just LOVE all things marathon training!!! After seeing my new set of workouts for the next 2 weeks, I was giddy as a kid on Christmas. I enjoy the surprise of new workouts every two weeks, and with plenty of long runs, tempo runs, pace runs, etc back on the schedule, this girl could not be happier! While I look forward to working hard and clearly have my work cut out for me over the next two months, I'm continually reminding myself that these two are "just for fun."

Really, who have I become?! :D

Happy training y'all ! What are you currently training for ??


  1. Omg!! Shreck's parent s totally got me the same recipe calendar!!!! I love it!!! Bahahah.....we have like minded ppl I'm our lives :). Yayyy for getting back to training! Woot woot!

    1. That's too funny...I guess us dietitian peeps are predictable in what we like haha

  2. Nice! It does feel really good to get back into the normal routine. I'm axiously awaiting my 2 a days again for ironman training. And I really wanted to do the Shamrock this year too! But life threw other plans at me this year. Have fun out there!

    1. Oooh yes, two a days sound fun! Too bad, would have loved to have seen you at Shamrock.


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