Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Different Kind of Marathon

Oh friends, some days I wonder what I get myself into! Traveling, like running, almost always presents the opportunity for an adventure. You never know what's in store for you when you head out the door. Add an international destination and adverse weather to your itenerary and you're gaurenteed to encounter a few twists and turns along the way.

On the metro in route to Reagan National: feeling pretty excited and happy at this point.

Styling with double backpacks and a salad in hand!

We've embarked on our mission trip to Haiti but have not made it far. As I sit here WELL past my bedtime on the floor of the airport in Washington D.C. Awaiting a plane that should have been here MANY hours ago, I can't help but think about how this trip has already been a bit of a marathon... And the fun is just beginning. We left our home 13+ hours ago and stil have many hours of travel ahead of us. If all goes according to plan, we will be in Port Au Prince by 9am and to our final destination by noon Friday. But as of right now, what should have been an 8 hour overnight layover in Ft. Lauderdale is slowly being whittled away and we are pushing the limit of catching our connecting flight. 

While I am trying to use this time to prepare myself for what's in store for us in Haiti, it's hard to truly do without actually being there. Venturing away from the comforts of our small town into rush hour Northern Virginia traffic in the snow immediately pushed us outside of our comfort zone. Attempting to sleep on an airport floor, cold, hard and achy, even more difficult. Yet I in know this pales in comparison to the challenges that may lie ahead as we step into a world MUCH different than the one we currently live in.

In my mind I selfishly want to be back in Blacksburg, in the comforts of my new home, thinking about where to hang pictures or resting up for my next training session. I want to be preparing for my next marathon, not missing out on 7+ days of training. But I can't help but think how this mission will have a lot in common with marathon prep. International travel in itself is a marathon! And like any race, this trip will be very much a lesson in stretching myself to push through the uncomfortable. I am reminded that our purpose is serving others, not about what I am wanting, and that I will need to rely on strength greater than my own to achieve fulfill our purpose. 

In other news, we've linked up with the rest of our group and have had some quality bonding time here in the airport. :D

Slumber party on the floor!

A bit of midnight snackage: don't worry, be happy :)

**Update: Our plane finally arrived at 1:30AM last night at which point they decided to cancel our flight! Oh the woahs of travel! We made our way to a hotel in Arlington where we are waiting to take the same flight tonight, just a day later. Rest will be a priority today, and I will be seeking out more comfortable accommodations (I.e. A plush pillow) for our impending overnight layover in Florida. My endurance and patience wears thin when I'm sleep deprived, and we still have a long trip ahead of us!

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  1. Good luck! You're in for a wild ride in Haiti, have fun with it.


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