Monday, November 11, 2013

Stepping Forward, Giving Back

Most athletes can identify with the fact that post-race let down can be a very difficult thing, especially if one has been working towards a particular goal for quite some time. It's always something I've struggled with, but I accept it as it is, work through it and move on.

One thing I find particularly helpful is to have a new goal identified as something to look forward to. Having a vision of where you're going next is an important step in the process of rest, recovery and reflection! Well, I'm really excited to tell you about an awesome non-athletic opportunity I'll be partaking in, alongside my husband, come early January!
In collaboration with the Community Coalition for Haiti and Shenandoah University Physical Therapy, the hubby and I will be traveling to Haiti in January to lead a medical mission trip!

A few weeks ago we were approached by SU (his alma mater for PT school) as there was already a group of doctoral students ready and willing to serve in Haiti, including plane tickets bought, but they had no clinician to help lead their endeavor. We've been pondering and praying over the desire to use our professions to give back in the form of a medical missions trip for a while now, and it's as if God just stepped in and said "Hey... here's your chance!" The door was opened and with a leap of faith we've decided to jump through it.

So from January 2-10, 2014 we will lead a group of six SU physical therapy students to Jacmel, Haiti. While there, we will be offering medical support in an outpatient clinic, travel into the community to help those unable to leave their homes and provide assistance at an orphanage. I personally will be contributing in ways related to my profession as a dietitian, mainly through wellness outreach and education.
We are very passionate about this mission and are blessed to be in a place where we can step aside from our personal lives for even a short timeframe and use our professional gifts to invest in the growth and health of others. We greatly look forward to both mentoring the SU students and providing much needed medical assistance and education to the people of Haiti! For the trip, we have a fundraising goal of $1800 to cover expenses of airfare, lodging, food, etc. If you are interested in helping to sponsor us in this endeavor or just want more information, please check out our donation page. Prayers of support or advice for traveling to Haiti (if you've been before) would certainly be welcomed as well!

Thank you!

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