Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting Back On Track

This past month has been about optimizing lazy-ness on the couch...
with a cuddly pooch of course!
I'm coming up on almost 4 weeks post-50 miler and the itch to get moving again is hitting hard! Lucky me, this week I started back with organized training and I couldn't be more happy about it. Surprisingly enough, I've missed the structure... and since I now know coach will probably read this... Hey coach, I've really missed you telling me what to do! :D

The past month of down time has been a good thing: I've put exercise on the back burner and let other life priorities take over (ahem, like work). As with the exercise, nutrition has also taken a back seat and, as I often preach to my resident's at work, I've been enjoying a much more liberalized diet. It's been fun and it's an important part of the "balance" thing. I may have put on a few pounds in the last month but that's totally okay!

The amazingly delicious chocolate lava cake
my boss made me for my 1 year work-aversary!

That being said, my mind and body are feeling rejuvenated and I am motivated to start working towards my next goal, which may possibly (read: most likely) be a spring marathon. It's been over a year since my last road marathon and I need to re-qualify for Boston if I expect to enter for 2015. I was originally not too excited about training for any marathon other than Boston, but this week I realized how much I've MISS road running and I've MISS the marathon-specific workouts. Though, I do not miss running in the COLD, which it definitely has been. Looking ahead to my biggest goal for 2014 (sorry, not telling yet!), I probably won't put in an all-out effort towards marathon training, but enough of an effort to PR and hopefully be well under my BQ standard of 3:35. Then again, I'll leave those details up to coach.

I get the feeling that things won't really pick up until after the holidays and after my trip to Haiti...  which too is okay as there's a lot going on in my life between now and then! More than anything though, I am looking forward to (slowly) getting back into the weight room, rebuilding cardiovascular fitness, getting back into the routine of cooking, eating healthier and re-establishing a more regular work-life routine. That being said, I gotta run ... the gym is calling my name!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll !


  1. sounds like you have been enjoying the recovery month!! How long do you normally take time off for marathons? I think it would be really interesting to see the difference in training and recovery for half vs full vs ultra!

    1. ~2-3 weeks recovery for a marathon, ~1 week for a half. Longer this time and more of the "off" since I'm at the end of a LONG season and have no up and coming goals.

  2. yea take that recovery time. For those of us that are used to being active, it can be really hard to lay low for a while. Taking away the parts that we enjoy isn't fun. But your legs will thank you. I didnt' take enough time off after my first ironman and it really came back to bite me.


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