Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Don't Cry Because It's Over

In my pre-race post regarding the 50, I mentioned "tears of joy" that I expected might overcome me at the finish of such a huge accomplishment and after such a long day. But the MMTR was all smiles, laughter, hugs and celebration... there were definitely no tears to be found!

So needless to say, I was a little caught off guard when I woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday with tears streaming down my face. They weren't directed towards the race itself, but of all things, I found myself missing dad and crying tears of joy having shared this past weekend with him.

Dad has been there through it all: my first race as a child, all my middle/high school meets, we ran my first marathon and 50k trail race together, and then this past weekend he was there patiently waiting throughout the day as I ran my first 50 miler. And you better believe his calendar is already marked for my next big endeavor ;)

After the race, he joked with me: "Now do you feel ready to tackle 100 miles?"

My response: "Are YOU ready to crew me for that long?!"

Luckily we both agreed with a resounding NO THANKS! Maybe some day ... maybe.

Hanging out pre-race 
A goofy picture of me but dad's smile is priceless!
I am so thankful that I took Friday and Monday off around the race, not because of the race itself, but because of the extra time I was able to spend hanging out with this guy! Quality dad time > finishing a 50 miler (or any event for that matter) any day. Though, I'm certain he must think I'm crazy with how bubbly and bouncy I was only one day post-race:

"Dad ... watch me skip!!!"

"C'mon on dad, you mean you couldn't do this after your fifty miler?!"

Monday we took a recovery walk to campus to take in the fall leaves and play 'imaginary fetch' with the pup (poor dog, she fell for it every. single. time). We chatted about Boston and I confessed my fears in making another qualification attempt this coming spring. He promised me that he would re-qualify for 2015 and when (not if) I qualified, he would pay my entry into Boston. Oh dad, I so hope you're right!

So this one's for you dad. Thanks for all your unconditional love and support this past weekend, for sharing in the experience and being there every step of the way. Hearing you say "I'm proud of you" makes the effort worthwhile any day.

Don't cry because it's over... smile because it happened =D


  1. Yay! I try to get my daughters to do stuff with me, but they usually won't. and It's pretty rare that I get to do anything with my dad these days either. That's a real treasure time you got. Very cool.

    1. Definitely a treasure. Very blessed.

  2. How wonderful that you got to spend so much time with your dad! It sounds like you guys have a very close relationship just like my dad and I had. Cherish every second you guys are together.


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