Wednesday, November 13, 2013

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To ...

During the "OFF SEASON" that is!

I'm not a fan of transitions, nor have I ever had a structured "off season." Life without a structured training regime has been different... It sort of turns my world upside down! Yet the lack of structure, rest and downtime all serve a good purpose, and I accept and honor it's importance. I took the picture below the day after the MMTR 50 and it made me think of how the off-season is quite comparable to the cycle of trees. In the fall, leaves reach their peak, turn bright colors and then fall to the ground. The tree which lies dormant through the winter is not dead, but instead is rebuilding internally, preparing for new growth and to come back stronger in the spring.

Anyway, to help me along in this transitionary period, I've brainstormed a few things I'm looking forward to doing with my extra time:

Stretching, Healing & Strengthening

My body got tight in the past few months and needs to loosen up ... like woah! Additionally, I've been slacking in the weight room and look forward to getting back on track with that. I consider some form of strength training to be essential as my body needs it to keep balanced and injury free. Once I get back in the weight room, I hope to work on building a strong base for 2014, balancing out strength discrepancies and addressing some current hot spots.

Organizing & Planning

You know, that thing that doesn't happen when you have little spare time. We hope to move again sometime in 2014, so now seems like a good time to initiate the process of donating unused items, clearing out the attic, organizing what we do have, etc. Also including in this will be nailing down a rough schedule for 2014: between my set of races, the hubby's race schedule, life activities and training, I'd like to have a better idea of what lies ahead!


I'm looking forward to having more time to spend with and invest in others. Whether it be by volunteering at our church, engaging in partner workouts at the gym, continuing to mentor students at work or our upcoming mission trip to Haiti ... I'm SO blessed and thankful that the off-season will allow for extra time and opportunities to give back. You better believe this will include some quality friend, family, hubby and puppy time too!

Reflecting & Regrouping

2013 been a successful year for sure, but there are always areas of growth! I suspect next year will be another long, tough season with its fair share of challenges. Now is a good time to sit back and reflect what went well in the past year, what did not, and how I can continue to grow both as a person and an athlete. This will include some personal reflection on being a better wife, friend, employee, etc, because it all goes hand in hand :)

Do you have any special plans for the off-season?!


  1. after a 9 hour or longer event it is more important to take some time off. I've had 2 weeks now and I'm going insane. Thank goodness I've got a marathon coming up in February to start training for. I also always thought the winter was the best time to work the core strength and yoga, so I've been hitting those pretty hard too. Enjoy the downtime!

    For me, running is my stress relief, so if I can't run, I stay un-relieved. That sounds gross but you know what I mean. Gain some winter weight, the other little things irritate me faster than normal, trouble sleeping, you know how it goes. This week I start running again, and my family is glad for it.

    1. It's been 10 days since MMTR and I just went on my first run, so I totally get what you mean! Though life has been throwing a lot at me in the past week and for that I am glad for the break, I need my exercise to keep sane!


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