Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Adventures: Taper Time!

This past weekend was quite jam packed, full of family, friends, good food and beautiful fall weather here in southwest Virginia. While I love my long runs, I am thankful for it being a laid back taper weekend that allowed a little extra time for mischievous behavior ;)

Friday evening my mom and grandma arrived for the Tech game against Duke (no comment... but I'm glad I opted to not go!) Saturday I picked up the last of our summer farm share, we enjoyed some more of these awesome pancakes, went on a random house hunting adventure and I had an amazingly awesome but short run while they were at the game.

Sunday featured breakfast at Gillies with my BFF's that were also in town, some laid back hangout time, a quick trip to the pumpkin patch with another BFF and then the weekend was topped off by a great-as-always church service (and more yummy food!) with NLCF. Somewhere in there I received a special pre-race package from Colorado (thanks Chrissy!!) and we bought plane tickets for a trip in January that I'm VERY excited about... more details to come on that soon!

Scenes from the weekend. Are my mom and grandma not the cutest ever in those hats?!
The extra downtime to enjoy with friends and family was just what I needed to rest, reflect and rejuvenate before the final prep for this next weekend. While a good run will leaving me floating on air for days, this weekend has left my heart full to the brim with love and happiness ... I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends, all while living in a place I love!

And while I was here holding down the fort, the hubby was off road-tripping and crewing these two awesome guys as they successfully completed their first ultra this past weekend! Congrats Steve and Robbie!!! Way to get it done!

Only four days to go now before my big race and I'm feeling relaxed and generally quite excited! This week will feature a lot of lazy couch time, snacking on carbs, finalization of weekend logistics and prepping mentally and physically for the loooooong day to come on Saturday. I'm looking forward to getting through Thursday when my dad arrives(!!) and it's Halloween. Until then, I'll be using my extra time getting things set at work and cooking off the 3 weeks worth of farm share we have sitting in our fridge (womp).


  1. You're totally going to kick some butt this weekend! Have fun!

    1. Thanks Brett!! Great job with your marathon!

  2. Good luck! Kick it up a notch this weekend. Can't wait to see how you do and hear all about it!

  3. Thank YOU!! I'm certain you'll be hearing all about it :)


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