Monday, October 7, 2013


Our church recently had it's fall retreat and the main topic of conversation was perspective. In this little life we live, our perspective is sometimes pretty limited, often skewed, while God's perspective reigns.

Two days later during a trail run, I continued to process our conversations on 'perspective' and what it means to me. Naturally, I think of many things in terms of running. During this run I was particularly tired and had a choice to stay on the flat main trail or tackle one of the many trails up the mountain. I wanted badly to stay in my comfort zone, but decided otherwise and struggled my way up the mountain. My reward? A lovely, fast and fun downhill to the finish.

I cannot not help but to think how trail running is comparable to life and the challenges it can present. Somedays we may feel like we're flying downhill in sync with every rock and root, while others we may be tackling a steep climb, barely making forward progress and using every ounce of energy we have to keep from sliding backwards. Or, if you're like me this past weekend, sometimes you trip and fall flat on your face! Yet the run must go on, so you get up, dust yourself off, and keep moving. Embarrassed, hurting and bruised? Perhaps. Stronger for continuing? Definitely. 

When I was disappointed in barely missing out on the Boston Marathon, my sweet mother-in-law shared with me the following thought:

"Life IS a bed of roses- and roses have thorns. I know you're suppose to say life is not a bed of roses, but I think enjoying the roses and accepting the thorns in life makes a lot of sense." -Mama Chang

Accept the thorns and just keep moving...
Even when you're waist deep in them!
Life presents its share of challenges, as does training for any sport. Climbing "mountains" only serves to make you stronger... and sometimes a necessary evil to gain a better view of the big picture. How we choose to approach those mountains is all a matter of perspective. One thing I was reminded of this past weekend as I was stumbling (note: not running) up a mountain: When your legs give out, rely on your heart... and don't forget to look up! If faith can move mountains, I'm pretty sure it can help you move over mountains too :)

This week is all about perspective and it's also the week of the Ironman World Championship in Kona! In honor of both, I'll be sharing the perspective of two awesome athletes, both whom happen to go by the name of Chrissy(ie) and love to smile! Stay tuned!

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  1. Yes! That is a great perspective. Love the roses, accept the thorns. Good call.


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