Thursday, September 5, 2013

Home is Where the (Hokie) Heart Is

People joke about the loyalty of Tech's fans and how Hokies bleed orange and maroon. I certainly believe school spirit runs in our blood!

This weekend we celebrate one year of living in Blacksburg. We're officially "townies" and are proud to be so!! Blacksburg is our home, Virginia Tech is our obsession of choice and, like many others among us, we live in a happy world of all things orange and maroon :)

With the return of students for the fall semester comes a new buzz of excitement throughout the town. Summer was sleepy, quiet and relaxing, but with the start of the fall semester the town has come alive with school spirit. Students come and students go, with some chasing career and life dreams that take them across the country and the globe, but a select few are lucky enough to stay or return and call it home. While we both had great job offers in other locations, we decided that returning to Blacksburg was a top priority and that the rest would have to figure itself out.

I'm not sure what my expectations were when we returned, but this year has certainly far surpassed them. Every day feels like a huge blessing and some days I still think I'm dreaming! We returned to a strong community base, including a church we LOVE, and have made plenty of new friends too. We've both settled into jobs that we love and take advantage of the beautiful southwest Virginia mountains as often as possible. Campus provides it's share of beauty and adventure too, I still love going for walks on University Mall, sitting and overlooking the drillfield from War Memorial Chapel or people watching by the duck pond. Bonus points for Hokie Bird sightings. Mom, try not to be jealous :)

Of course, school spirit infuses all areas of our life, from our Hokie guest bedroom to our cars, slippers, athletic gear, etc. Luckily we fit in well... Hokie gear is the norm and not the exception in this town!

The beauty of this town runs deep. I love the farmland scenes along the Huckleberry Trail, the famous sunsets overlooking the mountains, the snow covered trails of Pandapas and the breathtaking countryside when riding through the valley. Really, I feel spoiled!!

Every now and then we still get the question of "how long are you in town?" The answer is always the same: God willing, for the indefinite future. This town has captured our hearts and it's where we choose to call home. Thanks Blacksburg for a wonderful year and cheers to many more to come! Let's Go Hokies!!


  1. Hokies <3 I completely agree with everything here! I love being a Hokie and no matter where I go after this I will always call Blacksburg home.

  2. My husband and I have always said that the only place we'd consider moving or retiring to is Blacksburg. I'm so excited that our first home game is tomorrow and I get to start my weekend pilgrimages to Blacksburg shortly!

  3. My husband told me on our first date that 1. Nothing like Blacksburg in the Fall, and 2. that Virginia Tech Football is the best!!!! We are here now (for at least another year) and before when we came down for games (from MD), his mood ALWAYS changed for the better, and he could never wait to get here!

    1. Yes Angela, I am SOOOO looking forward to Blacksburg in the fall!!


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