Thursday, July 4, 2013

There's Beauty in Our Imperfections

Call me crazy, but my garden is teaching me a valuable life lesson. Maybe we've been spending a little too much time on the deck, watching it grow lately?

This afternoon we picked the first of our yellow squash:

My first reaction was to think "Wow, these are far from perfect looking like the one's in the store!"

I quickly took my words back. After looking at the squash a little longer, I was a bit mesmerized by how the same plant could produce such unique fruit! One is smooth, long and curvy and the other a bit more plump with dimples. Both I'm sure are equally delicious and neither is certainly better than the other.

In a world that seems to stress conformity and popularity, it would be easy to stifle our unique qualities in favor of fitting in (or in my case it's always been to not stand out). Is it not true that God created us uniquely is His image? It's easy to want to change "this" or "that" and striving towards growing as a person is certainly not wrong. But, there's beauty in our imperfections ... and honestly it's just no fun to act or look like everyone else!

Green and purple peppers
My husband has always told me that I march to the beat of my own drum. A bit quirky, yes, but aren't we all in our own way? Some days I struggle with this and other times I embrace it, but I'd love to see the pendulum swing more towards the latter =)

Just a little food for thought ... brought to you by "le garden de Chang"!

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  1. Perfection is the ability to incorporate imperfections:)


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