Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life Married to an Ultra-Runner . . .

... Means you had better be ready to prepare mass quantities of food at any time.

My husband and a friend set off today on a 35 mile adventure which they called the "Catawba Run Around." For those of you familiar with southwest Virginia, that's running from North Mountain to Tinker Cliffs, then to McAfee's and finally back to Dragon's Tooth. Sounds fun... but I gladly sat this one out. While he was trotting through the woods I had a peaceful and semi-productive day at home :)
Great job boys!
Anyway, a solid 8 hours after he left this morning I received a much expected phone call: "We're at the top of the mountain and will be done shortly. I'm starving and we need gigantor amounts of food [for two]." Yes, that's a direct quote and you can imagine I'm pretty used to hearing this. I was at the gym and had (A) failed to go grocery shopping in my 8 hours of down time and (B) forgotten to bring my wallet with me. Oops. I took it as a challenge and it was fun! I rushed home and got busy, first taking note of the food I had to work with which was not much... but luckily I had just picked up our farm share and we almost always have some sort of noodle and eggs on hand.

Making a mess in the kitchen... typical :P

What I came up with: Stir fry rice noodles with scrambled eggs, nuts, beet greens, water chestnuts and snap peas.

And my favorite, a serving of banana PB chocolate chip ice cream for dessert:

Ok, so next time I'll plan ahead and have something ready, but I think this turned out pretty well! I even got a high five (Thanks Guy!).

Anyone else out there have to be creative to keep their hungry athletes fed??


  1. I have to feed a hungry running husband daily, and on weekends two hungry running and tennis playing sons!

    I think you did a great job pulling a nutritious post-long-run meal together!

  2. Yea. You definitely get it then! It's a big job!


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