Friday, July 19, 2013

Garden Update: Mid-Summer's Harvest!

It's been a while since I've updated on our deck garden and it has really taken off in the past month! Late June into July presented us with plentiful sunshine followed by a week of heavy rain more recently.  Much of the New River Valley where we live was flooded in that week, and some of the plants took a beating because of getting too much water without the ability to dry out.
Here's the majority of the garden just after an evening rain storm.

We harvested our broccoli about 3 weeks back. We were able to pull 4 large broccoli heads from the original harvest, then these baby shoots grew and we harvested those too. The leaves are pretty big and I just trimmed off the last of them a few days ago to chop up and use in stir fry.
The last of the broccoli
Broccoli and Eggplant Stir Fry
We harvested these about 2 weeks ago and have plenty more on the way:
Squash, Antonio Romero Peppers and Jalapenos
In the past 2 weeks our peppers and eggplants have really taken off. I'm especially excited about our baby eggplants, the "fairy tale" variety, which will only grow to be about 5-6 inches long. This entire plant is just beautiful!
Tomato season is just around the corner and we have plenty of tomatoes on the vine ready to burst with color. Most are green still, but we plucked our first a few days ago and let it ripen fully in our window sill. We went with "Mr. Stripey" heirloom tomatoes...
"Mr. Stripey" Heirloom Tomatoes
And here's our harvest for this week! It's small, but plenty enough for the two of us and on top of our farm share.

JalapeƱos, red pepper, a tomato and a few "purple beauty" peppers.

Lastly, I have to sneak in a picture of the pup. Here Kenya is supervising the plants while keeping cool from the summer sun.
Wearing a VT bandana of course!
Now that are broccoli is finished, we have an open container to re-plant in. Anyone have any suggestions??

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