Thursday, May 30, 2013

Farm Share & Garden Update!

We're 4 weeks into our farm share and swimming in greens! Kale, spinach, mustard greens, basil and more... let's take a look:

I've never been a huge fan of rye bread, but this was delicious!

Since I've failed at taking pictures while using these foods, I'll just say we've been eating a lot of salads and stir fry! The spearmint was frozen into ice cubes to be used in tea later and the basil made into this vegan basil pesto. The mustard greens went into this curry with eggplant and rice.


One major perk of container gardening: You can bring the kiddos inside when it you have a frost advisory in mid-May.
Thanks to my husband (who has the green thumb, not me) our plants are thriving! We have them in 5 seperate containers on our deck, which gets plentiful sun throughout the day. The nice thing is since we live on the 2nd floor, we don't have to worry about pesky animals eating them. Two days ago, we harvested the first of our Bok Choi!

Here's our before picture, shortly after planting on April 21st:

And as of May 28th:
According to our readings, Bok Choi is ready to be harvested when it produces seeds and flowers.
Up close pic of the base of the plant. 

Cut up and ready for stir fry...
I added the bok choi (and radishes from our farm share!) to this stir fry recipe by Plant Powered Kitchen.
I'm looking forward to harvesting the other 3 heads of bok choi soon, maybe I'll experiment with a few other recipes instead of making stir fry again.

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  1. Wow, your husband does have a green thumb! We've tried gardening, but the ground hogs and deer enjoy our veggies before we can. The deer even jumped over our fence to get to our little garden... Your pictures are great!


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