Monday, May 27, 2013

Back to training and other life tid bits...

The weeks are clicking along pretty quickly and I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post !(whooops). It's been a busy few weeks between training, work and trying to keep up with life in general...

Now that my 50k's from the spring are behind me and I'm fully recovered, training has picked up again.  Next weekend I'll be running the Wine Country Half Marathon in Leesburg, VA and the past two weeks have felt like a condensed blitz "let's see how hard you can run" training regime. While I have been looking forward to getting back to training, I haven't really done any intensely fast/hard workouts since late January. My poor legs don't know what hit them! I'm loving it, but for someone who's been running 50k's it's a definite shock to the body. I've NEVER felt this sore from running alone (lifting yes, but that's a different story).

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit home for the first time in 6+ months. It was blissful and busy! My mom and I picked strawberries in Pungo, a tradition from my childhood that I dearly miss:

14 lbs of strawberries picked in 45 minutes, not bad.

My dad, the hubby and I enjoyed a Sunday long run at Seashore State Park. I've done many long runs through this park and the flat terrain was a welcome break from the hills. I was scheduled for a negative split long run with the back half being at half-marathon pace, so the three of us ran together for about 45 minutes before splitting off to do our own thing. Mentally, it was a tough workout, but priceless to share at least part of it with the two people who are my biggest cheerleaders and motivators (and who are also planning to run Boston next year!)
Keeping running a "social" affair is a bit easier when your family participates too :)
We also had the chance to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. She just got back from 5+ weeks of traveling, so needless to say she's doing quite well.

And of course there was a fair share of relaxing too...
Post-run hanging out on the back deck
Our farm share continues to go well and our deck garden even better. I'll have more of an update on that in the coming days. Our bok choi and broccoli, though not ready yet, are truly thriving and looking beautiful. Here's a preview:

In other news... I decided I want to do a triathlon this year (note the singular). Of course, now that I've established that and told people I'm getting cold feet and feeling very non-committal. Half of me thinks it will be a nice change of pace, but the other half wants to stay within my current comfort zone (running). I'm ready to just train and be focused on my goal races for the fall. I guess I'll just continue with my cross training as motivation comes and jump into one when the time feels right?


  1. pop in patriot half iron just for fun! it'd be good long cardio day and fun

  2. Oh, I'd love to do a half ironman! But that may be asking a bit much? I was thinking patriots sprint though...


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