Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Adventures: Some Much Needed R & R

There's no doubt I've been burning my candle from both ends for a while now, and it has definitely caught up with me. For most people, working one full time job is often enough... I've been doing that plus managing a household, adhering to a vigorous training schedule, working numerous side jobs, etc. When this past weekend rolled around, no doubt I was in need of some serious R&R.

Planned breaks are always a good thing, whether it be in your workout regime or from life in general. This past weekend I was especially thankful for a quiet retreat to the Shenandoah mountains where my husband and I enjoyed some fellowship with a few other married couples.

Going into the weekend, I initially wanted to take advantage of the surroundings and put in some high running miles. We arrived on Friday and my legs felt pretty good on our 6 mile run:
One of the biggest lessons I've learned is the importance of making running fun.
The next morning, however,  I woke up feeling groggy, not wanting to run or get out of bed. I did it anyways and my body was not happy. I was running much slower than normal and struggling still. I knew my legs needed a break, so finally I granted myself permission to rest. Later in the afternoon we went for a short hike to Mary's Rock in Shenandoah National Park. I took my time and let go of the need to push the pace. I focused more on the beauty of the experience than how much farther it was to the top. I am so thankful for this simple reminder to step back and reflect. There's a time and place for putting your head down and pushing through rough moments and tough challenges, but you must take the time also to step back and reflect on why you do what you do and how far you've come. Also, it was a great reminder to me that there really is more to life than running (gasp! I know!)

Family Pic :)
The hubby and I at the top of the mountain: Mary's Rock. Look at that view!!

And of course, what would be a post without some food pics?

Crepes with Nutella and fresh fruit. A bit of an indulgence but worth it :)
Lime and salt popcorn to snack on.
My sister in law came up with the idea of make your own mini pizzas. Perfect!
Mexican wraps (or in my case a salad)
Veggie Quinoa Burgers... always a favorite.
And of course, hot chocolate! P.s. aren't they the cutest?

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