Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Fever

Yup. This is how I'm feeling:

Give me one warm run -tank top, shorts, no gloves, a ray of hope that summer is on the way, and it simply just kills my enthusiasm to run once the weather turns cold again. And since I live in the mountains, the temperatures inevitably sway back and forth before becoming warm for good. After all, it's not that uncommon to have snow here in southwest Virginia in early April.

Lucky for me, the weather at Terrapin Mtn was PERFECT. I have no complaints. In the days before the race, it snowed. There were still some residual patches of snow/ice on the course. The day after the race, it snowed A LOT. Race day, perfectly chilly but not too cold. The sun was shining over the mountains and it gave me hope that spring is just around the corner.

Yup, this was my yard one day post-50k. Glad we missed out on running through this!!
Pic courtesy of my hubby.
So yea, this is just my post to say "warm weather please hurry up!!" Though I am loving the longer days. It's so nice to have more time after work to get in my run, and more natural light to take pics of my food :)

Speaking of which, I've been trying to "trick" my body into thinking the weather is warm with some "spring-like" foods:

Asian Slaw by Once Upon a Chef

(this was amazing... I made a huge container of it and literally had to take it away from the hubby before he ate it all in one sitting)

Mini Fruit Pizza: Naan bread topped with hazelnut cream cheese, strawberries and walnuts. This made for a great quick dinner for the hubby when I didn't feel like cooking.

These are from a tea party we had with my residents! They LOVE their tea and cookies. 
And the colors are so happy and cheery!

For everyone with spring fever, hang in there!! It's almost (fully) here!

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