Friday, February 22, 2013

Real Eats: Fueling Yourself for Fitness & Health- February

As per usual, February is flying by! I've had this post waiting for the right time for a while now, but life's been so busy I wasn't sure where to fit it in. Without further ado, I have some more fun Chang-approved recipes for you all to try.

In January I revamped my diet to include more fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrate and was trying out a lot of new vegan dishes. Training wise, I'm still putting in a lot of running miles and lifting weights about 2 times per week with emphasis on strengthening some weak areas (glutes, IT band) for injury prevention and rebuilding my upper body strength. Now that I've been back in the weight room for a good 8-10 weeks I can really feel the positive effects on my running, and especially during last Saturday's Blacksburg Classic! The latest addition to my fitness routine has been yoga, which I hope will aid in loosening up my hips and provide general leg and core strengthening.

I'm finally feeling settled into my new job (started mid-November) and am extremely lucky to work a flexible schedule so long as I get in my 40 hrs/week. This really goes a long way in helping me fit in my workouts!! 

Ok, one to the eats! Here are a few of my favorite recipes from this past month:

Kale Salad w/ Edamame, Chickpeas and Craisins 

(This has been my lunch staple)

Roasted Apple, Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onion Pizza

The crust recipe provided for this pizza is the best I've tasted/made to date.

Hearty Miso Udon Soup
(RealFoodForFuel original recipe)

Black Bean Soup w/ Avocado Toast

Not the best pic but a great black bean soup recipe!

Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Muffins

(vegan) From Fannetastic Foods

Kale & Black Bean Burritos

Exclude the feta to make vegan

Pita Fruit Pizza

Whole wheat pita (or naan bread) topped w/ hazelnut cream cheese (from panera) and fresh fruit.

Finally, during a quick trip to Winchester, we had the opportunity to eat at our favorite restaurant in the area, Winchester Thai. This is what we choose:
Spring roll appetizer w/ peanut sauce
Tofu Veggie Soup & Vegetarian Green Curry w/ Rice.
Yay for date night!
Up next I will be recapping the weekend... including a VO2 max test, 5k race and (hopefully) a long trail run!

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