Thursday, February 7, 2013

Carb Loading & Pre-Race Thoughts...

My first of three 50k's this spring is now a little more than 36 hours away!! When it comes to race week, it can sometimes be easy to let go nutritionally and focus on carbs, carbs carbs. While carb-loading is definitely important, its crucial to fill up on healthy, complex carbs versus the sweet and sugary stuff! I thought I'd share a little bit about what I've been eating this week to prepare for Saturday's race. While some people may wait until the day or two before to carb-load, I tend to gradually increase my carbs by adding a few carb-rich foods into my diet each day:

Oatmeal w/ PB, Banana & Chia Seeds
(also my normal race-day breakfast)

Savory Stuffed Sweet Potato
(My lunch this week)

(I enjoyed these for National Pancake Day on Tues, Feb 5th)

Tofu Stir Fry

You can't see the rice but it's down there!
Cherry Dark Chocolate Smoothies
(Tart cherries are to jumpstart my recovery - more on this next week!)

Pre-Race Thoughts:

Oh, what to say? For Horton races, your number serves roughly as your"seeding" and I'm honored to be "on the radar" this year. With that comes pressure to perform, but I'm reminding myself of the importance of running my own race and not getting caught up in placement. According to Dr. Horton, conditions will be "perfect" so I'm expecting some pretty fast times out of the ladies' race. Looking at the entrants list, the girls competition is pretty stacked and it'll be an awesome experience racing against some familiar faces and with some friendly competition regardless of my personal outcome. 

Last year I went into the race with little expectation and finished 8th overall. This year I'd very much love to repeat a top ten finish, but I have a great respect for these longer races and understand that anything could happen! I don't really have a "race plan" other than what I'm going to eat nutritionally. I just hope to run strong, have fun, stay present in the race and push myself to new limits. I hope you will check back Sat or Sun to see how I do!!

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  1. You're an RD, cool! I actually have a degree in clinical nutrition but did not continue onto the internship :)

    Really good advice in that first paragraph! I often feel runners just use a taper and CHO loading as an excuse to just eat a ton of crappy italian food ;)

    Kyle @


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