Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When the Going Gets Rough...

The tough get going! Or so they say!

Today is all about overcoming mental obstacles. When it comes to our health, we all have them. Building healthy habits is not easy. You're going to fail, and probably more than once. That's where perseverance comes into play.

You see, I'm coming off of a particularly tough training cycle of 2-3 weeks. I've pushed the workouts and the mileage, all while navigating holidays, parties and working a relatively new full-time job. These past few days, I've hit a wall for multiple reasons:

(1) My body is tired and my muscles aching. I've had a few flare ups that are leaving me injury paranoid.

Using the foam roller to work out some hot spots.

(2) Work has been particularly strenuous catching up after the holidays.

Molly the cat likes to get in my way while I work. I don't mind. :)
(3) I am stricken with anxiety in waiting to hear about a potential job offer, about the potential for catching the flu (Virginia is a particularly bad state right now for it), about whether I'm adequately performing at my current job... Really, the list could go on.

After giving my body two much needed days of full-rest (from running), I was scheduled for a long, hard workout today. I went to work early with the expectation that I would get off early with plenty of time to get it in. Even better, the weather outside couldn't be more perfect (sunny and 55 degrees). Yet, I came home from work and immediately fell into bed, exhausted, knowing it wasn't going to happen. When I woke up, I tried to get out the door for an easy run and that too failed to happen.

Ya know what? It's completely OK.

Somedays I think it's a greater sign of strength to surrender and realize I CANNOT do it all. Nor should I. I am only human! Having high expectations is one thing, but it's also important to have realistic ones. I know from experience that real results come from consistency hard work over time. 2-3 off days at this point will not ruin my progress or my fitness (and probably help more than anything). Life happens. The more we learn from our "failures," the more successful we are in making forward progress. The key is to not let these bumps in the road discourage you. Don't Give Up!!

The same goes with New Years Resolutions and the thousands of people who are aiming to eat better or exercise more in 2013. Case in point:

A co-worker approached me the other day with some personal diet questions. She said she had been eating healthier all week yet the scale showed no progress and she was discouraged. She wanted to know what she was doing wrong. I smiled and simply said, "Just be patient. Believe in yourself, make your healthier choices a habit and focus on the journey rather than the destination. Don't give up that quickly and I promise you will see results."

What healthy habits are you working towards? How do you keep making progress when the going gets rough?

Working hard and enjoying the journey.


  1. Wise post! When life gets overwhelming I pare back to just critical essentials and recharge as it sounds like you did. I'm due for some of that myself. Good tomorrow is Friday!

    (Love that you have a cat in your office!)

  2. YEs, so thankful tomorrow is CASUAL friday. We also have dogs too, just not on a regular basis like the cat!


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