Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy National Peanut Butter Day!

I've been saving this post for the right moment... and today's the day!

Why? Because today may just be my favorite holiday...

It's National Peanut Butter Day!

A few days back while playing around in the kitchen, I decided to experiment with some delicious peanuts I recieved for christmas. I finally opened this beautiful canister of honey roasted gourmet Hokie Nuts =)

Rather than eating them straight (like a normal person), I put them in my food processor along with a few other mixed peanuts and almonds. 

Then I ruined those pretty nuts by turning it on.
But not really. Why would I want to ruin them???
After a lot of patience and blending (it can take a while), the oil in the nuts came out to reveal a beautiful sight.
Smooth & creamy homemade peanut butter!
Of course, I was not content with just plain PB (though it tasted incredible by itself). I added a little splash of Bailey's irish cream to smooth it out and give it a kick.

It's a simple, but fun process and I highly recommend it as a fun food activity for kids ...
(Or in my case, husbands)

Here it is in action with today's snack.
Love me some apple and PB!

Are you a peanut butter lover??  I love to eat mine with an apple, graham crackers, in a smoothie, on oatmeal... by the spoonful... the sky's the limit!

How will you celebrate National PB Day? I hope you will give this homemade PB a try!

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