Monday, December 3, 2012

Real Eats - Fuel Yourself for Fitness & Health

Now that I have a full-time job (yay!), my time for food prep during the week has flown out the window. It's pretty much non-existent. Therefore, I've become increasingly dependent on the weekend to plan and prep ahead of time. With many individuals that I counsel, lack of time to fix a healthy meal seems to be the number one excuse I hear for not eating better, or to justify fast food consumption. Consider meals made ahead of time to be your "fast food." Usually I'll freeze one meal and leave the rest in the fridge fresh and ready to go.

There are a number a great reasons to prep your weekly meals at once:

- Healthy "grab n' go" options conveniently available in the fridge

- More efficient if you are able to multi-task and work on multiple meals at once

- Only one mess to clean up (especially important if you're like me!)

From now on I'm going to try and share a few recipes each week, displaying some of the meals I prep for us to eat! Here's what is on the Chang menu this week:

Moving clockwise, from the top left:

Lentil Veggie Mac n' Cheese from The Lean Green Blog (frozen)

Simple Kale and Black Bean Burritos by Cookie+Kate

Eggplant & Bell Pepper Tofu Stir Fry from MyRecipes

Vegetarian Chili (one of my favorite recipes) by Emeril

Superfood Quinoa Salad (another favorite) from Iowa Girl Eats

Prepped, portioned and ready to grab!
While these meals will make up the bulk of our lunches and dinner for the week, I always accompany them with quick snacks for a well -rounded meal (things like fruit, salad, string cheese, yogurt, etc). Breakfast isn't usually an issue for us time-wise, but just in case we have some egg & veggie burritos in the freezer. 

Here it is in action for today's meals:
Today's Elf4Health challenge is to focus on fiber, so I have vegetarian chili for lunch, stir fry for dinner.
Not pictured are my apple, raw veggies, string cheese and dove chocolates :-P

A little planning and prep can go a long way! Have a great monday and happy eating!


  1. Thank you, meal planning is something I really struggle with.

  2. Yes, it's definitely not easy!!


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