Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Simple Wellness Tips to Live By: 8-5-2-1-0 ©

With the plethora of diets and weight loss schemes available on the market and internet these days, it's a no brainer as to why we're all confused about how to take care of ourselves! But, taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle doesn't have to be overly complicated.

As a dietetic intern, I had the unique opportunity of promoting a wellness program called 9-5-2-1-0 © in Winchester, VA. The purpose of the initiative was to prevent and tackle the issue of childhood obesity. 8-5-2-1-0 © is the adult version of this same initiative and the numbers represent some simple health concepts to improve your overall well-being:

8 - Aim to get 8 hours of sleep per night

5 - Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day

2 - Limit screen time to 2 hours per day (TV, computer, etc)

1 - Aim to get 1 hour of physical activity per day

0 - Eliminate intake of sugar-sweetened beverages

These number are a great reminder that health and nutrition don't have to be as complicated as we sometimes make it out to be! Keeping these simple principles in mind each day can help you to move in the direction of living a healthier lifestyle, improving your overall well-being and quality of life and preventing long-term disease risk.

For more information on the 8-5-2-1-0 © program for adults (or 9-5-2-1-0 © for youth), check out the Northern Virginia Healthy Kids Coalition at:


  1. Quickie question. Re: real food for fuel. If you wanted to run long distance/compete in iron mans, etc, but you didnt want to do gels/clif bars/those funny waffle things-- what would one want to carry while running?

    See you tonight @ bootcamp!

  2. I believe getting enough sleep and having a balanced lifestyle can really help us keep our body in shape and in good health.


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