Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day:

As the weather gets chillier, more and more people will be moving their workouts inside. I for one, am a huge advocate of strength training to build lean muscle mass. Need some workout inspiration to get you started? Check out this at home workout I wrote up for some of my athletes to do over Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Warm-up: Do functional exercises or cardio for 5-10 minutes

60 seconds per exercise (unless otherwise noted) 
Repeat Entire Cycle 2-3 Times. Weights are optional.

Wall sit 
Mountain climbers
Wide leg squats
Side plank x both sides
Stationary lunges

Sit-up with oblique rotation
Fire hydrants –20 each leg
Glute kickbacks –20 each leg
Mountain climbers

Wall sit
Push ups – 10-15 reps
Mountain climbers

Narrow grip pushups

1 legged squat (put one foot back and on a chair) x both legs – 15-20 reps each
Reverse lunges – 15 -20 reps each
Side lunges -15-20 reps each
Plank w/ rotation side to side

Make sure to stretch upon completion of your workout!!

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