Thursday, June 7, 2012

National Running Day: Proving to Myself I Can Do It

Yesterday was National Running Day! What a wonderful holiday! I'm not sure if it's new this year but I sure enjoyed the motivational aspects of it all. I took the time to even make my own "why I run badge." This week I was due to log one more uber long run before my upcoming 50k, and since my weekends have been spent working races I decided this random wednesday holiday would be a good excuse the perfect motivation to get out and JUST DO IT. To be honest, I've been dragging my feet for the last 10 days. The combination of increasing my mileage, the heat and some lingering hip/glute-mead issues left me dead motivation-wise last week and as a result I managed a total of 14 sluggish miles! That's the lowest I've logged since probably August of last year, but I'm ok with that because my body really needed the rest.

Going into this run I had my share of doubts due to last week's feelings of general fatigue, etc. Plus, running any long distance (especially over 15 miles) never seems to get any easier! I have always said and will continue to do so: RESPECT the distance. I knew I needed a support system to get me through this last long run, so I enlisted the help of my two favorite men: my husband and dad. Jordan ran the first 12 miles with me, then I did a few on my own before finishing up with 6 quick miles with dad. In total I was able to log 21.5 miles! My goal was 22, but after dad dragged me through an 8:00 min mile at mile 20-21, it was all I could do to stumble through a 0.5 mile cool-down.

No pic from yesterday but here's me, dad and Jordan 
displaying our awards after a recent 10k in Suffolk, VA
Overall the run went much better than expected. Cooler temperatures certainly helped, but I have to attribute my long-run success to my wonderful support system. Jordan pulled me through the first 12 at a very steady pace and we even had to back off the pace a few times. Picking up dad at mile 15 was wonderful, but he had fresh legs and I did not. It's priceless though to have someone there to push you through those final rough miles when you'd rather just slug your way home! The biggest challenge of the day, however, was pushing past my progressively worsening hip tightness. Part of me wonders if I should have called it quits at mile 12 for the sake of being smart, but I am quite stubborn and continued to push forward. I knew this was my last opportunity for  a long run before my upcoming Eastern Divide 50k (June 23rd) and I was determined to get it done!

As a nice reward? I scored this awesome long-sleeve technical shirt from the local triathlon shop that was holding a Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Kickoff/ Running Day party. I tried to win a free entry into the race but no such luck there. Thanks for reading, and I promise some more posts soon!


  1. You've had a very full race year already, it's no surprise that a little support might be warranted at this point!! And now it's taper time, and you'll be ready. Way to get it DONE!


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