Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Clockwise from top left: Holiday Lake 50k 2009 (first ultra); Rock n' Roll USA Marathon 2012; flashbacks from running as a youth; Shamrock Marathon 2007 (first marathon); wedding day July 2011; Rock n' Roll Half Marathon VA Beach 2004
My dad is a pretty special guy and there's no doubt I'm a blessed girl. He started running in his mid-40's and now almost 20 years later is still going strong. They say one of the best ways to raise healthy children is to serve as a positive role model, and that's exactly what my dad has done for me! At the age of 10 he encouraged me to run along with him. He took me to countless track and cross country meets around the state and across the county. He came to every practice, pushed me to run my hardest, encouraged me to take it easy when I was over doing it and showed me how to run with a passion. I ran my first marathon and ultra marathon with my dad, and I'm excited to have him there to crew me next weekend at my 50k.

I have the best father that a daughter could ask for. Thank you Dad, for the countless years of support you have given me, for believing in me dreams and being right there beside me to experience them. I love you!

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  1. Thanks Kristen. I love you and am so proud of all you've accomplished.


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